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Millionaire Maria:
1. Most people love their pets very much. Most people also understand that you don't love their pet as much, but please refrain from making disparaging comments to people about their animals.

2. Most people love their pets very much. Not everyone else loves your pet. Do not force your pet's presence and attention on to people who are not interested. Please refrain from talking about your pets at every opportunity.

3. Do not take your pets to places that do not allow them. If you are unsure, call ahead and ask. This goes for businesses, people's homes, and events planned in public places.

4. Service dogs are not pets, they are workers. Do not interact with them at all, unless you have the explicit permission of the person who is using them.

5. Do not approach or interact with anyone's pets without their permission. Do not feed animals without permission. It is also your responsibility to make sure that your children do not interact with or feed pets without the owner's permission.

6. Do not make disparaging comments about others people's choice in pets. For example, it is not appropriate to refer to smaller dogs as "rats", "rodents", or any other derogatory term. Do not say "That's not a dog, it's a ____." Scientists have spent countless hours doing research and I can assure you, it's a canine.

7. It is not appropriate to discuss your opinions on Breed Specific Legislation in mixed company. It is a political topic, and with all political topics, it can get heated and out of hand. This goes for any kind of "current event" or incident you may have seen on the news that could lead to a discussion of BSL.

8. Play parks are for children, dog parks are for dogs. Do not take your dog to a play park and be surprised when you have to shoo away a dozen children while you are attempting a training session. Likewise, if your children are afraid or nervous around dogs, or they don't know how to properly behave around them, do not take them to a dog park.

9. Clean up after your animal. If you forget to bring a plastic bag, go get one.

10. Do not correct someone else's animal unless you have their permission to do so.

11. In reference to #10, people should never be put in the position of having to correct your animal. If you do not believe in teaching an animal certain behaviors (leash training, not begging, not jumping up) that is your right. However, if you choose to refrain from teaching these things, please refrain from bringing your animal around other people. This applies to all pets regardless of species or size.

12. If someone tells you they are nervous or allergic, do not insist on introductions and cuddle sessions. Respect their boundaries. If you are afraid of or allergic to any specific animals please say so. "I'm sorry, but your pet tiger makes me nervous." However, being afraid or allergic does not make it okay to make excessive or grandiose demands. Steamcleaning of carpets and having pets locked up for the duration of your stay fall into this category.

13. Regardless of the size of your pet, aggression towards other living things is not acceptable. If your animal is behaving in an aggressive fashion, please remove them from the situation.

14. Obey all leash laws and town bylaws in regards to registration, and vaccinations. When you are in public with your animal, it is your responsibility to keep it under control. Do not let your animal jump on, sniff, snarl at, etc other animals or people. Once again, this applies to all animals, regardless of size or species.

15. While it may be something that you are passionate about, talking about animal abuse and negligence can make people feel incredibly uncomfortable. It's generally best not to go there.

16. Your pet is your responsibility to feed, shelter, groom, etc. It is also your responsibility to keep your pet from reproducing. Whether that means getting your pet fixed or isolating them during their heat, it is important to note that animals don't respond to abstinence training  ;). br33ders may disregard. Failure to do any of these things is negligence.

17. When it comes to tail docking, ear cropping, de clawing, breeding, or any other controversial subject, it is not your business what another pet owner chooses to do or not do. As much as you may despise the practice, it is not abuse, and therefore it is not acceptable to comment on it. Please note that laws detailing abuse differ from area to area. Please be informed before taking any action.

18. Do not allow your dog to bark continuously. Most towns have by laws in regards to this, but even if yours doesn't it's still rude.

19. Do not sabotage an owner's training by allowing an animal to continue their bad behavior. It may be okay with you, but it is not okay with the owner.

20. If you are walking your pet on a multi use trail, make your animal heel when you hear people coming up behind you.

That's all I can think of right now. Let's hear what you guys think.  :)

Black Delphinium:
12a: If you are the allergic/afraid person, that does not give you the right to make major demands, like having the entire house steam cleaned or the animal locked up for the duration of your stay. Any accommodations above and beyond basic etiquette/cleanliness should be appreciated and acknowledged.

It is NOT OK to let your dog bark continuously - if you have a loud barker, bring him or her in the house and get them something to do! 

Millionaire Maria:

--- Quote from: jane7166 on March 11, 2009, 11:07:21 AM ---It is NOT OK to let your dog bark continuously - if you have a loud barker, bring him or her in the house and get them something to do! 

--- End quote ---

I assumed that this would fall under town bylaws. Do you think I should add it as a separate rule?

16.  Whenever you take your pet away from your home, keep it under control.  Do not allow it to run around off-leash, or sniff at, jump on, or snarl at other people.

17.  As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to take proper care of your pet in terms of feeding, grooming, exercise, and so on.  Neglect of pets is abuse.


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