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Garden Goblin:

--- Quote from: NorthernBelle on December 06, 2011, 11:53:36 AM ---And if your dog's running in to the side of my vehicle causes damage to it, I *will* expect you to pay for repairs. Rude ? Not at all - but it is rude of a dog owner to let their pet roam free, knowing he's a hazard to drivers.

--- End quote ---

There are always those folks who think their pwecious little poopsie's 'happiness' trumps everything, regardless of what common sense, neighborhood culture, and the law have to say on the issue.  It's basic special snowflake-ism combined with a hefty dose of old fashioned stupidity.  You can scream all you want that cars should watch out for dogs, but the simple truth of the matter is dog meets car = dog loses, whether the dog had a 'right' to be there or not, so keep the dog under control.

My old mutt sleeps in the sun in the driveway most of the time.  It's my private property, but if I know the neighbors are having their biannually family gathering, I put the dog up because there is always that one idiot cousin (you'd think after ending up in the ditch the year I only plowed half my drive would have taught him something) who misses the neighbor's drive and turns around in mine without paying a dang bit of attention. 

A friend of mine's 'neighbors' are opposing his chicken ownership because a Grade AAA Special Snowflake was letting his dogs run loose all over the place.  After the third time they came in to my friend's yard growling and attacking the chickens, my friend shot the dogs.  And of course, how DARE he shoot the dogs because, 'it's just a couple chickens, I can't believe he killed my pets over a couple chickens'.  Mix this outrage with the group of folks who simply can't conceive of why someone would want to raise chickens and the folks who think anyone raising livestock is some sort of monster, and my friend is probably going to end up losing his beloved birds all because of some entitled jerk who lets his dogs run loose.  Apparently, yard = off-leash dog park no matter who the yard belongs too.
I ran into the same issue once with a dog that was regularly going into people's yards to kill cats.  One day the dog just vanished (probably in the same way Hoffa did) and the owner was throwing a fit because he couldn't believe someone would hurt his 'purebred' dog over a bunch of 'mangy cats'.  Because his 'loved pet' was obviously more important than the loved pets of everyone else in the world.

Keep your pets up, and nobody will have a problem.  And yet, that simple concept eludes so many.  I swear, people should have to pass a basic sense test to own a pet.  And when their stupidity gets their pet hurt, injured, or mocked, it's never the fault of the irresponsible owner, no sirree, it's the everyone else's fault for being mean or rude or just hating Fluffykins and Lil' Snookums.

I would hate to lock this thread, but the argumentative livestock and pets tangent needs to end now.

gen xer:
Please don't comment on the amount of money one spends or doesn't spend on their pets.  It is their business and nobody else's.

If person X wants to spend thousands of dollars on surgery for their cat it is their prerogative and should elicit no comments on how they "must have more money than brains".

Similarly if person Y cannot afford to spend a fortune on their pets then there should be no commenting on "how cruel and heartless they must be not to bankrupt themselves to save Fido".

I personally have a limited amount of money I am able / willing to spend on my cats.  I am not a bad pet owner because of this.

And while I hate it when people get pets on a whim and discard them like yesterday's trash...please respect that the decision to get rid of a pet is not always one of callous disregard.  Maybe someone has developed an allergy, lost their job, maybe the pet has acquired an intolerable habit ( peeing on furniture is one I have personally encountered ) or become aggressive.


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