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Suggestion: "That topic is not open for discussion"

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This is a good response I will have to remember it in the future


--- Quote from: Luci45 on September 15, 2009, 10:13:56 AM ---I use "I would rather not discuss that." It seems a little gentler and not quite like implying a correction of behavior. I guess I feel that way because I used "That topic is not open for discussion" with my children in a manner that meant that I was in charge and teaching  them.

Anything polite and making the point that "I will not gossip" and "You will not have that private information" is good. I guess it is all in how you say it.

--- End quote ---

In the situation in the OP with the individual who is trying to guilt the OP into interaction with him, I see no point to softening the statement.

The OP may wish to soften her wording for others, but the wholesale implication that her phrasing is too strong is not necessarily universally appropriate.


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