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For the Love of Ray-J: Danger vs. Unique

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Bob Ducca:
(Ehelldame, great inspiration for a new subforum.  Silence is sometimes the hardest weapon to master, but it works wonderfully.)

I don't know if anyone else watches "For the Love of Ray-J."  If you don't, don't start.  This is another one of those Vh-1 "Celebrity Tries To Find Love A New Bed-Partner For A Year" shows.  Ray-J is Brandy's little brother, also infamous for making a naughty tape with Kim Kardashian.

Anyhoo, a great example of the Silent Retort was given in last night's episode.  Danger, the tattoo-faced girl, and Unique, the "lady," were in a verbal fight.  Ray-J came into the kitchen and Danger said nothing, acted very cool.  Unique stormed in, proceeded to curse and scream and holler, and Danger did nothing.  Said nothing.  She shrugged her shoulders and looked amused.

The lesson?  The girl with the tattoo on her face came out looking like the sane one.  All because she didn't rise to the bait.  And it worked very well- Unique, up to this point playing the role of "lady" to the hilt, completely lost it.

I thought it was a great lesson in how to use silence.  And that's why I watched it.   :-[

Hey no need for the  :-[ face. I have been known to watch some incredibly stupid VH-1 television myself.

I love the "Greatest whatever of "this" Decade" shows.

Bob Ducca:
I'm watching it now...

What does your tag line mean? It is very interesting....


--- Quote from: kdbug on April 04, 2009, 05:02:54 PM ---What does your tag line mean? It is very interesting....

--- End quote ---

I think it's a take-off of Robin Leach's catchphrase "Champagne wishes and caviar dreams"  ;D


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