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Lady Snowdon:
About a year ago, my DH and I bought our house.  Of course, there's tons of paperwork associated with buying a house, and we were sitting down with a lady to fill some of it out.  She asked for our driver's licenses, to get our formal names, and we gave them to her.  Looking at mine, her eyes widened and she said, "Wow, you have a lot of names!" (I have five names).  I said, "Yes, I do" and she said, "You're kind of young to have been divorced that many times!"  :o  FTR, my name is Myfirstname Mymiddlename Momslastname Dadslastname DHslastname.  I've only been married once, and never divorced.  Anyway, I was absolutely stunned at what this lady said, and just stared at her blankly.  She got kind of defensive, and said something else, I don't remember what.  I just kept staring at her silently (I couldn't think of anything to say!), and she finally seemed to get the message that what she'd just said was not appropriate in any way! 

Inadvertent maybe, but totally appropriate!

This is a classic 'what an interesting assumption' moment.

In some cultures they use two last names. I did drop my mother's surname once I moved to the continental USA for personal reasons (later reinforced by security reasons of September 11). But some people do have several names. Some people have hyphenated names. So it was a very strange and interesting assumption of her to say that.

Well, when your name is Mary Jane DivorcedLady TrampyHo Let'sSeeHowLongICanKeepThisOne, people do make odd assumptions.  ;)


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