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Etiquette of borrowing

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1 -  Dont borrow something that is brand new and the owner hasnt even had
      the chance to use yet

2 - what you do borrow should go back to the owner in the exact same condition

3 - don't lend items to others that you've borrowed. It isnt yours to lend.

4 - dont get offended if the items owner wants their item back

5 -  dont dogear book pages, see 1

6 -  dont forget to say thanks.

3a. If somehow you do lend someone else's item to another person, you get it back. Take the responsibility and get it back yourself, do not leave it to the owner to retrieve the item from the person you lent it to.

7. If you break or something happens to what you have borrowed, fess up to it. Even if you are able to easily replace it.

T'Mar of Vulcan:
8. Don't borrow things from people and then hold the things hostage to get the person to do favours for you.

If you know you're terribly forgetful and are prone to not returning things, just don't borrow anymore.  It's great to want to correct your own bad behavior, but when it comes to other people's property, it's probably better to just not risk it.  I, to my shame, learned this the hard way.  Most stuff I'm good at returning.  For some reason, though, books disappear into the void and never return.

10.  Don't get offended if the person doesn't want to lend the item.

11.  When borrowing an item that the owner uses (i.e. lawnmower), return it before their normal mowing date.  If they mow Saturday, borrow it when they're done & return it before the next Saturday.   

12.  If it's something you borrow regularly, help with the upkeep - i.e. gas for mower, etc.


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