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Trained work collegues with this technique


Hi all (I've been gone a LOOONNNNGGG time) anyway!

I work in an unique work place.  It's very casual, very much every teases and makes fun of each other in a friendly way and if anyone takes it too far it's a place where you can go "Whoa that's a limit for me" and people (usually) back off.

However, there are very few limits to my co-workers and I am by far the most "sensitive" person there.

As in I don't like jokes making fun of people for being 1. A different race, 2. mentally disabled 3. Physically disabled, 4. Their sexuality 5. Female, 6. Male.

And trust me with the last two most of your would be offended they really really ride the line of inappropriate.  There is also one woman at my work place who is very racist and declaims this about various news items.  Most of my co-workers while not racist exactly when it comes to immigration and can be a little closed minded.

I am very liberal and very open minded.  After a long time of keeping my mouth shut and looking unamused while they told certain jokes or ranted about certain news stories I've eventually trained them to NOT say them around me.

I was quite pleased to discover one day that instead of reading out the jokes to each other in the office they were texting them to each other because they knew it would offend me.  Even showing people who might not know I would be offended and when the new person asked if I had heard it they would interrupt and say "Oh no, it's not a joke she would like"

It only took 3 years or so, but this is a good technique for the long term I have to say.

I really like that your colleagues are so responsive!


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