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Just need reassurance that I'm doing the right thing

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BG/ I broke up with G after 6 months together, and asked him for money I had given him for spread betting on the understanding that gains were to be split equally. In the last few weeks he told me he decided to focus on studying, and I asked if he could give me the money back, since things were a little tight for me. He gave the bulk of it back, then stopped responding to my calls/text messages soon after Vday, and eventually dropped the remaining cash minus 10% of the original amount, with a VERY nasty letter informing me that he'd deducted the 'cost' of Vday because I was such a horrible person, and a few other insults directed at my character. I took some time to respond, and only addressed the missing money issue, and after receiving no response for a few days, I confronted him at school, where he behaved like a cad. I asked for my lecturers' advice (without naming the culprit), and spoke to the welfare office too. They said that I *could* take G to court, but encouraged me to think about whether the sum invovled was worth it or not. In the end I decided it wasn't. In the meantime, I got an additional bill from the library for books I had trusted G to bring back, which brings the total to about 1/2 the original amount I had trusted him with. G hasn't been coming to class for the last few weeks, so I haven't been able to confront him over the books issue - not that I'm sure that I want to (and a really petty and horrible part of me hopes he fails because of his poor attendance  :-[)/

I keep on bumping into a friend of G's around campus, a man I've met a few times when I was with G, the last one of which was when he came over to my house for dinner with a few other of G's friends. He now completely ignores me, and so far I've done the same. I'm trying really hard not to speak to him, because I know that nothing good can come of it [in his letter G said that his friends were the ones to encourage him to charge me for his Vday presents], but at the same time I find hard to know that this person, with whom I got on quite well the few times we met, is walking around thinking the worst of me because of what G may have said. In addition, G has said some pretty nasty things about Friend's ethnicity, and it's all I can do to resist saying it to Friend. I know it's all due to the bitterness and resentment at having trusted someone like him, and I won't actually speak to Friend, but I just need reassurance that it is the right thing to do. So a little thumbs up would be nice - thanks

Black Delphinium:
Don't give in to the temptation, it isn't worth the annoyance of the scene G will cause if you tell on him(and, from what I've read, he will cause a scene).

Not saying anything is definitely the right thing to do in this situation.  Stay strong.


You definitely are, hard as it must be.

You are doing the right thing!


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