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Author Topic: Foods you've learned to love?  (Read 16839 times)

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Re: Foods you've learned to love?
« Reply #45 on: April 25, 2007, 12:22:16 AM »
Green. Bean. Casserole.

I only ever get it at Thanksgiving, as it's one of the "traditional" dishes we have, but I always volunteer to make it just so I can eat it! I've had a lot of people give me strange looks when I tell them how much I like it (to them, anything "casserole" = blech), but I have really grown to adore the stuff. Nothing fancy, just the recipe off the Campbell's can.

And add my vote to the asparagus crowd as well! It is one of those foods I never thought I would like, but the last several times I tried it, I loved it...always steamed so that it was still a little crunchy. I would like to make it at home but I'm afraid I might not get it right and then go back to thinking I don't like the stuff.


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Re: Foods you've learned to love?
« Reply #46 on: April 25, 2007, 08:16:46 AM »

OK I have weird taste buds and things that taste too GREEN really trip my taste buds in a bad way.  I tell people I hate the taste of chlorophyll and I'm probably joking but there's something to the GREENness of foods.

I can understand that.  I have trouble with red meat because I can taste blood.  Even when it is extremely well done I can taste blood.  But I'm learning to like it again (I was red meat free for 7 years).  Pork however I will never get used to... I just tastes the way sweat smells.  LOL.. strange, no? 

Not strange at all.  I didn't eat red meat for a long time and when I got around to eating it again it had to be well, well done.  Dh usually cooks it, but I have to check it.  If I even see a hint of pink I won't eat it.  I can't eat steak plain.  I usually smother it in steak sauce.  And sometimes ketchup, which Dh laughs at me for.  And I'm with you on the pork.  Yuck!

Now, onto other foods.  I never liked strawberries when I was a kid.  I hadn't really tried them, but I was young.  I tried them when I was in high school and LOVED them.  Now I can't get enough of them.

I used to like broccoli when I was little then for some reason started disliking it.  Wouldn't go near the stuff.  Now, I LOVE it.  Especially in stir fry.


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Re: Foods you've learned to love?
« Reply #47 on: April 25, 2007, 09:52:58 AM »
Green. Bean. Casserole.

I hated that as a child.  Then I had fresh green beans, and discovered I liked them.  Costco has a bag of frozen, organic green beans that taste absolutely wonderful!  I started making it for myself for dinner.  This is going to sound really weird, but put a little cheese on top of the casserole, and eat cut-up Hebrew national hot dogs with it.