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Re: Halloween 2014
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Snowing and high winds in Michigan. Wish it had been moved to yesterday.


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Re: Halloween 2014
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We went through almost all of our candy - hubby bought 3 extra bags and there one left. My child brought more home than we gave away.  ::)

Boo went as Star Lord from that "Hero Galaxy" movie thing (I didn't see it) but I made him wear long johns hand his boots under it.  I went as "the scary lady from down the street"- terry robe, hair in giant curlers, massive drawn on eyebrows, over done eyeliner and RED lipstick. Outfit completed with a pair of Halloween socks and pink fuzzy slippers. Everything came from my closet and I was ready in 5 minutes. I took Jack with me in his red sweater and daddy passed out candy

We have tone of kiddos in our neighborhood and there were several huge groups. Most are well behaved, and quite a few of the houses just leave out big bowls with "please take 2" on them. Some really neat houses this year and lots of parents dressed. Did see one group of what had to be Senior boys, all on coatmeal, but they let Boo go ahead of them.


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Re: Halloween 2014
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Lots of treats. Of course it was Feeeezzzzing (translation from Texan start about 70 went down to 66).

From Toddlers to Teens everyone was polite and in costumes. Many looked Home/kid made. Lots of creativity.

Two Tricks
A guy came parked his pick up across the street from my house. Advertised both his business and religion. He started walking around handing out comic books. They of course were ch1ck tr@cks. For those unfamiliar use incognito mode to search about them definitely NSFW- they are from a hate group.

My trick - I  gave the bowl to the oldest kid in each group told them to make sure everyone got to choose 2 pieces. And quietly warned the parents. Every parent thanked me. Many dug their kid's copy out and gave it to me to throw away. 3 Moms looked at it and each one of them said it would have given their child nightmares. I put about 50 in the recycling bin on my way in the house tonight.
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Re: Halloween 2014
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Not a single trick-or-treater was seen in our neighborhood.  Kind of strange, but all the street lights on our street and one street over in either direction were all off.  I'm sure that didn't help since it was horror movie dark and our streets are under arched canopies of oak trees with lots of tropical vines hanging and lots of big plants--downright creepy in the dark.