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Etiquette of depression

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The etiquette of depression

Im not sure if this should be here or not  so i'll let the mods decide.

1)  If someone tells you they have depression  its not appropriate to look at them
     like they have 3 eyes, covered in weeping boils and dribbling vomit.

2) Dont tell them to "cheer up".

3) Don't tell them to go get laid.  Thats not helpful advice.

4) If they'd planned to go somewhere with you  but are feeling low and cant go, dont
    force them into going  or guilt trip them into going

5) Realize that as much as you sometimes dislike the person when they're hit with
    depression  that they dislike themselves more.
    I know I'm very hard to be
    around when im depressed  and I'm sorry. I do try  but i cant help it.

6) Sometimes, just being around other people is enough to lift the mood a small bit
    but dont force them into conversation. Just watching and listening is good.


--- Quote ---2) Dont tell them to "cheer up".
--- End quote ---

POD to this.

Black Delphinium:
To medicate or not is a personal decision. Don't badger a person about it.

from the other side  ;D

8)  Having depression doesnt mean i can inject my bad mood on everyone.  Its
     sometimes good to leave a room/gathering/party  so i dont make everyone
     else miserable

9)  having depression doesnt mean i should let friends down.  It ok to reschedule
     occassionally  but dont to it all the time.

10) remember that the friend who comforts you when your depressed  might need
      comforting too. Dont fall into the trap of being the one who always receives
      and never gives


--- Quote from: Black Delphinium on April 14, 2009, 11:59:21 AM ---To medicate or not is a personal decision. Don't badger a person about it.

--- End quote ---

If you know someone with depression  but is untreated  its fine to do some research for them/with them  to see what will help.

I agree that forcing them to medicate is wrong.  A lot of people with depression do well  with natural remedies


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