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Re RSVP's...Please tell me you can't top this!

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Hi Friends!  I'm on my way to a BBQ, but I had to post about something that happened earlier this afternoon.  I worked registration at a catered event for our department today.  A gentleman (well, not really) walked in and said he hadn't RSVP'd.  No problem, we always figure on a certain percentage of walk-ins.

I asked him how many in his party (most people had four or so family members as guests).  He said...17!!  Yes, that's right, seventeen.  No apologies and he acted like it was the most natural thing in the world.  This was a buffet meal, not sit-down, but still.  Seventeen extra guests.  And all I could think was, "the second I leave I am going to post about this".   :o

Please tell me no one has an even worse RSVP horror story. 


Clara Bow:
Half the people who attended my wedding didn't bother to RSVP....actually more than half. Fortunately we were having a fingerfood and cake reception so no real money was lost....but still.....

When I held my 21st birthday dinner, people were asked to please RSVP by a certain date since they had to choose the food they wanted (as we were going to be a large party) in advance. Still, on the night, three of my old school friends showed up unannounced, claiming that they were sure that I 'would have assumed they were coming'... yeah, okay...
Luckily the chef was an old family friend who was willing to cater for the three unplanned meals.
So, okay, I can't top the 17 extra guests, but it was still pretty annoying!

Can't top 17 guests!

When my daughter had her birthday we had specific crafts planned. To where we were buying supplies for each child and we needed an exact head count. I did NOT put the address for the party on the invitations, just asked people to call for directions when RSVPing. I gave a specific date to rsvp, about 2 days before the party actually was being held.

These are parents I see nearly every day when I drop off or pick up my daughter from school. Anyone of them could have approached me there. None did. Instead parents called the DAY of the party wanting directions. SOME whle the party was already going on!

One of my hubby's old employers used to have a picnic at his house every year for the employees and their immediate families. 

A few of the people showed up with all their long-lost relatives in tow, and basically had a family reunion/day out at the employers expense.   

There was one fellow who arrived in a limo to the BBQ (don't ask, he was kind of weird) and then before he left proceeded to pack up some of the leftovers and take them home with him.  Employer had VERY good catered food at his bbq, and it wasn't cheap. 

Needless to say, limo boy didn't have a job come Monday, but boy was that sure fun to watch.  I think we were all just watching him with our jaws on the floor for having the nerve to take as much food home with him as he did.


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