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It worked for DH!


I don't post much, but I was so happy this worked that I thought I would share.  :)

B/G: About a week ago I was outside and a guy came up and mentioned that he cuts lawns in the neighborhood. I asked him how much and he told me a price I wasn't willing to pay. We went back and forth for a little bit, until I finally said "I'm sorry, I cannot pay anymore than X." He got the message and went on his way. I told DH about it later.

Anyway, a couple days later DH, DS and I were headed out and I saw Lawn Guy coming up to us again, this time addressing DH. The conversation went like this:

LG: Hey, I thought I could cut your grass for XX. (the same price I didn't agree to the first time)
DH: Oh, I'm sorry. I thought my wife had made it clear, we can't pay any more than X.
LG: Well, yeah, but you know how women get. They don't understand lawns like us. I thought you would understand better.
DH just kind of raised an eyebrow at him. (He told me later he wasn't even sure how to respond to that).
LG: So...I guess you won't be needing me to cut the lawn then.
DH: Nope, have a good day. 

Hopefully this time the message will stick.

Wow....blatant sexism.  Don't you just love it?  Good thing your DH let him know with the raised eyebrow and silence that his comment wasn't appropriate.  Wow, now that I think about it what in the world was that guy thinking?!?!? 

I can only imagine the household he must have been raised in that would foster this blatently sexist attitude.

No wonder he can't get a job doing anything but cutting lawns.

- the shiksagoddess


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