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A little background fiance and I live at his house because we're full time college students and we can't find jobs due to the recession.  I happen to be overweight by quite a few pounds and it's something I plan to take care of, but right now it's not my primary concern.  Finance's parents are health nuts and tend to push the skinny agenda, but until today they haven't made any comments towards me.  Well, today that all changed when fiance and I were outside with them on the patio before dinner started.  We were making small talk and this is what transpired between fiance's step dad and I:

Step Dad:  So, what did you do today?
Dirty Weasel: Well, I was pretty busy...I did this and that and this and that and I was pretty busy.
Step Dad:  Well, sounds like you were pretty busy.  Too bad you couldn't work off some of that butt off, but at least you were busy.
Dirty Weasel:  *Cricket Chirps....
Fiance's Mom:  Step Dad!
Step Dad:  Well, I didn't mean it like that....

So yeah...I think I got my point across and I didn't even have to say anything! 

Excellent use of it! That man is a real gentleman  ::)

First and last time he'll make a remark about your extra pounds I think. You let him know straight up that it's not on. Well done you.

"What precisely did you mean it like, DF's Stepdad?  I'm very curious!"

You did great.  Let the comment fall to the ground with a loud clunk, and someone else will pick it up--in this case, FMIL.

i hate people who want to make other people's bodies their business. i, too, need to shed some weight, although i'm far from the point of having people stare at me in public because of it, and i have gotten comments from people, too. my own mother said to me "you're such a beautiful girl, even if you are too big." wow. thanks mom. you could have just saved that backhanded compliment, i would rather hear nothing at all than to get a compliment followed up with an insult. i didn't say anything, but she isn't smart enough to realize that my silence was in disgust and anger. i also had a co-irker who might have been 20 lbs lighter than me, who always made subtle comments about my weight. she was Female Dog about her husband's ex, and talking about how tremendously fat she is. i asked her how big she really was, because this co-irker likes to exaggerate, and her resonse was "she's even bigger than you are." nice to know that i'm a reference point for how big people are. this dumb (Oh, I just used a really bad word for a woman and a moderator needs to spank me.) wasn't that much smaller than me! some people are just plain stupid, and socially retarded.  ::)


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