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Here is hoping I can pull this off...

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with Mr. Dawbs' grandfather's passing, the holidays are kinda sombre so far this year.

Normally, a week or 2 before Christmas, once a few of the relatives are in town (siblings and grandparents who travel here) we host a small holiday gathering.  This is always a bit of a challenge because we have a small house.  (we can't have formal dinner because our kitchen table seats 4...we don't have a dining room, etc).  It always works, but it's a challenge.

Well, I Mr. Dawbs really wants to have the party...trying to keep things rather normal.  This was going to prove especially challenging because of some family issues(right now a lot of people are trying to manipulate, and we're ignoring passive-aggressive attempts...fairly effectively so far, but it does take its toll)

So all were invited, my family, the inlaws, the outoftownfolks, etc.  It was, all told about 12 people--about 5 more than normally come.

We started doing things, and unexpectedly a few important guests need to leave town, so we changed the date and everyone is coming over tomorrow afternoon/'s the only time it works for most of our guests.

I kinda wasn't prepared for that.  SO I've been busy today.

The house is moderately clean, I bought pre-made appetizers from big-box-warehouse-membership style stores (no need for a kitchen table, and I have tv trays...), I made snack desserts (potato candy and chocolate dipped pretzels and puppy chow--normally I have Christmas cookies by now, but I kinda spent the weekend I was supposed to be doing that at a funeral...), I wrapped the presents (so people can't accidentally see them), I borrowed chairs, I have wine in the fridge (for those who aren't alcoholics or tee-totalers...)I got as much of the cat hair as possible off the chairs, I threw out the dead plants, I got out board games and card games...

*deep breaths*

It'll be fine right?  and I won't kill "Aunt Janice".  probably.

Just keep repeating, "The paperwork is not worth it!" to yourself and think how lucky Aunt Janice is that you don't want to do paperwork.

Good luck!

considering how much has gone on this week, and how you have had to adapt the usual plans, i think you are doing just great!  your preparations sound just wonderful.  just keep on ignoring the whole p/s stuff, and remember that you can't kill any of the irritating relatives during the holidays.  we'll figure out a better time to do that later. 

it will be fine, really. 

It sounds like it will be a lot of fun. Just remember, if you do kill Aunt Janice, try not to do it on the carpet as it can be a real pain to get blood out of it.


--- Quote from: sammycat on December 16, 2006, 11:35:12 PM ---It sounds like it will be a lot of fun. Just remember, if you do kill Aunt Janice, try not to do it on the carpet as it can be a real pain to get blood out of it.

--- End quote ---

You mean club soda doesn't work for that? ???
Peroxide does though. ;)


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