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Okay, this sounds funny, but... my DH is on a nostalgia kick (hey, I was in elementary school until the early 80s, he's older!).  BUT neither he nor I had standard American upbringings.  He grew up in Mexico and I grew up Sicilian-American.  Not exactly middle-America Wonder Bread  ;) 

What types of foods would have been served in the 70s at a dinner party?  I'm looking for a way to recreate a typical American meal from that decade.

Mom would serve lasagna or spagetti & meatballs with a green salad and maybe garlic toast; another frequent menu was tacos, Spanish rice, and refried beans (we lived in Texas).  Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn (on or off the cob), a lettuce & tomato salad, and rolls were a frequent Sunday dinner.

The folks got a smoker in 1977, suddenly a number of company dinners started to feature smoked brisket, smoked goat (did I mention we were in Texas?), and smoked turkey (whole or breast).  I was married by then, so I got treated to "company dinners" not just family dinners. 

I was very young then  ;) , but fondue was a big trend. And I think that's when they came out with JiffyPop popcorn. That's also when diet sodas first went mainstream - my mother drank enough Tab and Diet Shasta to fill a swimming pool.

You could also check out a few episodes of "The Brady Bunch" or "That 70s Show" and see what Carol and Kitty are whipping up. Or check used bookstores for cookbooks from that era.

Sounds like fun - let us know how it turns out.

I posted several links about this in the old forum.  Here are a few:

Quite a few foods were introduced in the 70s.  There are lists of them on the internet.  Just do a search.

I don't think any 70's dinner would be complete without Watergate Salad.  I remember when that recipe hit the local mommy network back then.  My mom probably made it weekly. 


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