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Do not handle your roommate's property without their permission or invade their private spaces.

Black Delphinium:

--- Quote from: KeenReader on April 26, 2009, 05:50:40 PM ---Do not handle your roommate's property without their permission or invade their private spaces.

--- End quote ---
There needs to be a "within reason" clause here. If my roommate has filled the sink with dirty dishes, I should be able to move them out, wash my dishes, then put them back.

Or, in my previous rule 11), if there is something breeding flies in my roommates room, I'd like to be able to remove it.

-No "double standards."  So, if one roommate is going to blast rap music into the wee hours of the morning, she shouldn't get mad at another roommate for walking on the tiled floor wearing shoes while getting ready for school at nine o'clock on a Tuesday morning.

-"Pre-drinking," by its very nature, implies "a precursor to another phase of drinking," which should take place OUTSIDE of the apartment.  Some people want to sleep.

-No blatantly antagonistic behaviour.  It's fine to cook bacon if you like it, but your vegetarian roommate can't stand the smell, so please, clean up that greasy mess when you're done.  Also, this lack of animal protein has not addled your vegetarian roommate's brain any--if you suddenly start eating bacon three meals a day for a week straight (and not cleaning it up), she's going to figure out that you're trying to get rid of her.

-If you're allergic to something, SPEAK UP!!!  For example, if air freshener makes you sick, a good time to say something would be either on move-in day, or before that.  Mid-spray is too late.

-If you're going to be a slob in communal areas, don't forbid other roommates from cleaning up the mess.  Some people want to cook, so don't get uppity if they need to move your week-old stack of dirty plates to do it.

-Don't monopolize communal areas either.  Yes, that jigsaw puzzle is very nice, but don't leave it set up on the kitchen table for days on end.  People need that space to eat, study, clean their instruments, etc.

-If your roommate lets you watch her DVD's, treat them with respect--don't take them into your room, leave them lying around, out of their cases, and then yell at her for moving them.

-Sharing should be reciprocal.  So, it's not cool to use your roommate's belongings, but keep yours sacrosanct.  Also, cliques aren't cool--a "three against one" dynamic just isn't kosher, especially when Number Four is "one of the group" when you want to use her things, but not at any other time.

-If one roommate has different lifestyle habits than you do, don't make fun of her.  She doesn't pass judgement on you for drinking until the room spins (except to ask if you're okay when she sees you throwing up at two in the morning, mere feet from her bedroom), so don't judge her for exercising, trying to eat right, and avoiding *most* harmful substances.

-"Might" does not make "right."  Maybe you're six feet tall and 220 pounds, and maybe you happen to be remarkably adept with a horse whip.  Please don't use this as a means of intimidating your smaller and less pugnacious roommates.


Making snarky comments when your roommate (or tenant, whatever the case may be) goes out either with a group of friends or with a significant other is not cool. It will not earn you brownie points with the aforementioned group of friends or significant other.

P.S.  All my "rules" are based on true stories--including the one about the horse whip.


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