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-If you make a habit of talking about your roommates behind their backs to the other roommates, you will get caught. Especially if you're doing this to ALL your roommates. Most especially if you're regularly rude to all your housemates, so they have no reason to feel any sort of loyalty towards you.

(Yup, had a jerk of a housemate who would regularly complain to me about the other members of the house, including speculation about things (illness, money, etc) that were none of his business, and in spite of my repeated indications that I wanted no part of the conversation - he was the kind of person who talked at you instead of to. I tried to give a subtle heads up to my other housemates that he was doing this (he didn't limit himself to inside the house, if I ran into him at university he would loudly discuss other housemate's private matters), only to learn he was doing the exact same thing about me when I was out! Turns out he had regular gossip sessions with someone I used to live with who was on his course, and would then pass them on to my housemates, in spite of their protests that they didn't want to hear it.

He seemed shocked to realise we all preferred each other to him. That wasn't even the worst thing he did...  >:( )

Your room mate is not your babysitter..your kid, you take care of them,,,not tell your roommate "I need you here at 3pm pick up Chelsea from the bus,,,,so don't go making other plans or staying after class" This is not their responsibility same with your kids meals, activities, laundry, homework or what not.

Also your guests are not their job to entertain, chauffeur or provide for.

Do not hog communal equipment or furniture, especially when you are not even present!

Many years ago, DH and I shared a house with two housemates. One of them was obsessed with a number of TV shows that were on at that time, and watched them whenever they came on. Fair enough, we could work round his schedule.

What we couldn't work round was when he went away for a long weekend, and we rented a couple of films to watch, only to find that he had set up the TV and video player/recorder to record about five different things over the course of the three days when he would be away. Since we didn't know exactly what he was recording, we couldn't undo the settings, record his shows and watch our films in between. This was well before the era of universal mobile phone use, so we couldn't contact him either. So we returned the films to the rental shop unwatched.  :(

Possibly we should have checked with him before he went, but it had never occurred to us that he would do that!

Julia Mercer:
I had a roommate (the former roommate from hell that I talked about before) that would go away for a weekend, and we would have dial up internet, and voice mail with extensions, so whenever she would get a call, and they would leave a message, the message notification would prevent the modem from being able to dial through, so the first time, I figured out her password and saved the message (without listening to it), and she changed it after that.

She was a piece of work,  being food, computer, tv police to me, but sucking up to our other roommate (who eventually, after we all went our separate ways), realized what FRFH was all about. She also pulled a lot of BS on her so called best friend, and thus ended a long friendship as well.


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