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*Back Story*
During the summer, I like to throw parties.  I serve drinks, have fondue, and munchies, I set-up a fire pit on my patio so that people can congregate and roast marshmallows.  There's Scene It in the computer room and music in the living room.  An enjoyable and low-key evening for my 18 to 35 y/o "peer group".

I've spent most of my life being very high strung and anxious, I've only recently learned to calm down, so I purposefully surround myself with "chill" (id est calm, relaxed, easy-going) people.  I welcome my friend's friends to my get-togethers as long as they are "chill" and they understand that there is no drinking for those under 21 and NO illegal drugs EVER.

Sooooo, one Saturday night, the party is getting into full swing when my friend Richard (who used to be a friend of a friend, btw) arrives with his two friends, let's call them Barbie and Gidget.  Barbie and Gidget are introduced to me as soon as they arrive, they loudly proclaim that THEY are lesbians.  Okay, I think, that's a little more than I wanted to know.  From the looks on their faces apparently I am supposed to be shocked.  (Yeah right, half my friends are gay!)  I simply say, *pleasant smile* "That's lovely for you, may I get you a drink?"

I get them some drinks, point them in the direction of the fondue, and go back to entertaining my other guests.  About 30 minutes later, another friend rushes up to me and says, "Bonnie, you have GOT to come see what's going on in the living room!"  I rush into the room to see that Barbie and Gidget have one of my darling girlfriends backed into a corner, they are groping her!  (Full-on seriously groping!)  My friend is obviously terrified and shocked beyond belief.  I am appallled.

I march over and grasp each one firmly by their upper arm and escort them out of my home, explaining calmly that they were no longer welcome.  I take them all the way outside, across the courtyard, and out of the gate, depositing them on the sidewalk.  Richard rushes out after us, apologizing profusely, saying that he will take them home.  Barbie and Gidget then pitch a major drama fit, "No, we'll walk back home!"  *sob* *sniffle* (About 10 miles through a city and across 2 freeways in the middle of the night.)  Apparently, they were expecting me to try to pacify them and "save" their 20 year old selves by inviting them back into the party.

FAT CHANCE!  Two men who did something like that would be facing the police!

Chocolate Cake:
And if that isn't a wake-up call to Richard to choose his friends more carefully, I don't know what would be.  I'm glad he apologized to you....and hopefully to the woman these girls were groping as well.

Richard has never stopped apologizing to my friend or me!  He really is a sweet guy, just has bad judgement.  (Understatement, I know! ;))

Oddly enough, he doesn't bring friends to my parties anymore!    ;D

I'm pretty sure that two women who try something like that SHOULD be dealing with the police. Unwanted groping is unwanted groping, regardless of gender.

Believe me, I wish I had called the police!  I was just so furious at the time that all I wanted was to see them GONE.


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