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Murder most foul

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So, I have one of those murder mystery dinner party thingies.   Seven people and I will gather to dine and pretend to have offed our hostess.

The game has a suggested menu, which includes stew.  Stew, for a dinner party.  They call it Yorkshire hotpot, but still.  I'd like something a little more festive that's appropriate for the setting (date = 1848).  Any ideas? Three courses, soup, main, and dessert, but not too elaborate, since I may be dealing with a guilty conscience.   ;)

What's the location in 1848?  I'm guessing England, since you mentioned Yorkshire?  Shepherd's pie might work.  Fruit tartlets maybe for dessert... or scones with clotted cream and jam.  Couldn't even hazard a guess on soups.  Maybe a potato and leek, or garlic soup?

Either Brown soup or oxtail for that era.

Roast dinner for the main course

Icecream done in a shaped form (or jelly in an upright mould) would hve been considered extremely posh (purely because most people didn't have the facilities.
An Eton mess would be really easy to do (and tastes fab) but I'm not sure if it's quite that old - it is a traditional summery desert though

Yorkshire? How about roast beef and Yorkshire pudding?

Of course, it depends on the social status of the pretend participants. What a Duke would eat at his country house would be different from a group of Yorkshire coal-miners.

Back in the 80s and early 90s a friend and I organized a series of mysteries for a club.  Our evenings also included a Dinner and, while the meals were basic, we had fun with the menu.  Some of the dishes available were:

Thicken Plot pie (chicken pie)
Hot tips.  (beef kebobs) for this one, the guests were investigative reporters.
Red Herring (This was a nice broiled fish with a little paprika)


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