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HOA and the Neighbor April 2005

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 :)  I've mowed many a fine crop of Colorado Straw in my day... HOA was alive and not well in the last house I lived in before I shipped out.  I got in trouble for my corn in the garden because it grew too tall.  Yep, I had to prune my corn.  ;D  I'm a trouble maker.

All I have to say is stupid is as stupid does, there usually is a listing of who is in the HOA, and even after the police, the HOA president and you have said that you do not belong in the HOA, you can't do anything about idiots who can't get the point.  Your Neighbors obviously do not have lives and chose you to be their pet whining project, this unfortunate for you.  If they do come over and start complaining, write it down for them that you are not in the HOA and that the fence is on your property, therefore you can do whatever you want.  Besides fences are to keep people out and they should take the hint, if they don't then spell it out, that you would like it if they kept themselves, their comments and there noses out of your business.  Then I would call the HOA and complain to the president about the nosy neighbors and ask if there is a rule against HOA person's interfering with non-HOA members.  Give them a piece of their own medicine.  I am from the south and there are some really nosy people that must know everyone's business but this takes the cake.

So, what happened in the end?!!?

Harriet Jones:
The OP of this 7 year old thread hasn't participated in the forum for years.


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