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Day old bread ideas?

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Please help!

For reasons I won't bore you with, I find myself up to my ears in day old bread. I froze some, ate some and made stuff out of the rest.  Please, if anyone has any other ideas I would loved to hear them. This will happen again.

I have stuffing, bread pudding, french toast, and half a dozen breadcrumb filled meatloaves in the freezer. All our friends have no more room, the birds love us, bagsful are dropped off in Oppenheimer Park, and I can't think of anything else to do.

My cats, who think bread soaked with tuna oil should be a regular part of the menu, and I thank you.

I'm a grilled cheese. or grilled mozzarella and tomato fan myself.  ;D

Day old bread makes wonderful croutons and bruschetta.

Breadcrumbs lightly fried with chilli and garlic can make a great topping for risotto.

Are they sliced or unsliced loaves?  If they are unsliced loaves, hollow them out for bread bowls for chili or soup.  Save what you hollowed out for dipping.  Or make a cheesy fondue!


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