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and I don't know you well enough to be saying this


I am a college student, dating a college student and therefore know that college students can, at times, be wildly inappropriate.

Today we went to a barbecue with a small group of people and I got to meet bf's freshman roommate.

He starts kidding around about the um...interesting way we must have met (referring to scrabble type things). FTR we went to high school together and then started talking in College.

He starts putting his foot in his mouth and I just look at him, he continues eating his foot and I raise my eyebrows and then there is a pause until this is said "and I don't know you well enough to be saying this sort of thing. I'm sorry"

To which I smile and thank him for the apology, he was not intending to be cruel, just spoke without thinking and after that we all had a perfectly lovely time! 

Good for you, ER!!  :D


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