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Author Topic: ...I'm going to walk away and hold my tongue. (pt 1)  (Read 5747 times)

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Yumeko Sama

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...I'm going to walk away and hold my tongue. (pt 1)
« on: May 31, 2009, 04:17:00 AM »

It's been a while since but I finally moved, got over my traumas and I'm back lurking the boards.  I have many, Many stories for you where I've forced myself to keep silent, not all of them were weddings, but still they were social situations. 

Since it is kind of late I will start with a short one that happened this past Christmas holiday.  I went to dinner at my grandmother's apartment.  There were alot of family members there though there were only a few I was actually connected to by blood and therefore got along with.  Among the dinner guests was my grandmother's bastard son "S" and his family.  After dinner was eaten and everyine was just talking, I was relaxing in the kitchen with my cousin "T", his girlfriend "I" and S's SIL, "L". 

We find out that L is pregnant and I made the comment that I can't wait for my chance to come again.  You see, the previous October, I lost my daughter when she was born prematurily and even though a year had passed, it still hurt.  Most of my family knew this and while I did not ask them to be sensitive about what they said around me, they were. 

Back on track though.  As I made my comment to L in our conversation between us, S chimes in with the following comment with a laugh:

"Oh it's not going to ever happen again until you get one of these" 

He held up his left hand pointing to his wedding ring.  I and L looked at him shocked then at me as if they were expecting me to say something.  I instead got up from where I was sitting, walked past S out the back door and on to the porch where I sat and cried until my  mother came to get me to take me home. 

I later find out that S does not like me too much because I was going to have a child out of wedlock and well his family (S, his wife C and their three kids) treat me like the gum stuck to the bottom of your shoe on a hot summer day.  So would I be wrong for not wanting to associate with S and his family other than L who at least treats me like decently? 

I mean I am Not a mean person and in fact I really hate myself if I have to act mean to someone by giving them the silent treatment, but I don't think I could take anymore from him   
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Re: ...I'm going to walk away and hold my tongue. (pt 1)
« Reply #1 on: May 31, 2009, 07:29:21 AM »
I would refrain from using the B word.
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Re: ...I'm going to walk away and hold my tongue. (pt 1)
« Reply #2 on: May 31, 2009, 07:48:30 AM »
my grandmother's bastard son

This is inappropriate language for an etiquette forum.

As for ongoing traumas and dramas, feel free to post questions about manners and decorum, and how to be polite in difficult situations.  True "trauma", though, is best handled by seeking assistance from appropriate professional sources, not an online forum.
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