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you have a ton of grey hair, and wrinkles, too!

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--- Quote from: Courtney on July 02, 2009, 01:43:45 PM ---If you want to, you can turn around these comments in your mind to make them something positive for yourself:
You get a point/star/tick mark/check for every criticism she lobs at you.  Once you get to, say, 10, you get to buy yourself a magazine/tube of lipstick/bottle of nail polish.  Or you can make it a larger goal, like for every 50 you get a pair of shoes or a manicure or something. 

I did this once when there was a woman I found annoying in a meeting I was in.  I spent the morning with my head about to explode, went to lunch, came up with this system, and WANTED her to do the annoying thing in the afternoon session.  I got a star every time she did it, 10 stars = 1 bottle of nail polish.  I got THREE bottles of nail polish out of that afternoon.   :D

You can't necessarily change your friend's behavior, but you CAN change how it affects you.

--- End quote ---

I just have to say that this is the most brilliant strategy I've ever heard for dealing with annoying people that you can't do anything about! I'm going to start using it with my roommate.

It's far better to have no friends than toxic friends!

"Sweetie, are you so insecure in yourself that you have to try and tear me down to make yourself feel better?  Because that's how you come across when you do this!  It's so sad to watch."

See if that shuts her up!

Yes, dealing with rude people has been proven to do that.   >:D


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