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I guess I'm wondering if my complete silence was rude in this case.

Customer #1 was harrassing me, begging for me phone number, a date etc., and not taking 'no' or 'I'm taken' for an answer.
Customer #2 decides to step in (even though I really didn't need it, the gesture seemed honest enough). It worked. Ordinarily I would have thanked my 'rescuer', except for the way he got rid of the pest was thus:
"Back off mate, you're hanging onto her like the flies hang around a [racial slur]".

Was I rude?

(ETA: for the record, I'm not a member of the racial group in question, nor are any of my friends, but I still find the slur highly offensive)

Black Delphinium:

Nope. It's not as if you asked him to do it. You're fine.

I get the impression that the OP is wondering if she should have thanked customer no2. It is a tricky one- because by thanking him she could be seen as implicitly agreeing to the use of the slur. Equally, however rude no2 was in using the slur, he did mean well and was trying to protect her.

I can't honestly say which would be the right thing to do. Thanking someone is not wrong, but then neither is saying nothing because of the use of the slur.

Either response would not be rude in the circumstances, where the OP was placed in a very awkward position.

Curly Wurly Doggie Breath:
Also being from Oz, I think I can guess what the 'slur' was.

No you were NOT rude


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