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I used silence in conjunction with the Icy Glare of Death(tm) yesterday at walmart.  I was in a pretty bad mood.  I'm checking out, and this lane didn't happen to have those little plastic sticks for separating orders.  When the cashier is done, she asks me if that's everything I have.  Since there were no sticks, I glance back at the belt to make sure all my stuff made it and the stuff from the next customer doesn't get mixed in.  I get ready to swipe my Visa, when the special snowflake behind me says "well, you can just pay for my stuff too".

Cue crickets chirping.

I'm almost sure he was "joking" but seriously?  It's an interesting assumption that I have enough money to pay for your stuff!

I'm sure it was a joke. But one that didn't need to be made, as it wasn't funny.

I think she was probably joking. And so, I dont think she was necessarily a snowflake.  I just dont see this as rude or entitled - nor do I see her assuming you were *actually* going to pay.  You, of course, were there, and know the tone better, but unless she started to put stuff on the scanner or acted huffily when you didnt pay....well, I just dont see this as anything but harmless and possibly even friendly. 

Wow, guess I've been rude. I've jokingly said this. I don't see where he was assuming you had enough to pay or even expected you to. In my humble opinion, the icy glare of death was overkill. Your choice to use silence if you found it offensive was enough.

Harriet Jones:
I've gotten this a couple of times, but I can tell they're joking.  I usually say something like "Maybe next time" ...


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