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Classic Tacky: We Didn't get Married Here, We Just Want The Church As A Backdrop

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--- Quote from: Auntie Venom on June 17, 2009, 05:24:11 PM ---
--- Quote from: Dottyg on June 17, 2009, 01:36:34 PM ---There was a wedding party trying to take pictures in the Texas Capitol during Ann Richard's viewing.  I thought that was incredibly tacky; essentially, this was a sort of "funeral" for a former governor.  And, you're in there taking pictures during it?

--- End quote --- goes on, I guess?
*sigh* You have to wonder about the photographers who would allow people to do this.

--- End quote ---

I'm guessing that they might try to talk them out of it ("You know, you could take a picture at another location, and it would look just as nice"), and then ultimately decide if it's worth the hassle if the happy couple decides to fight them on it.

It could also be that the conversations go like this:

Photog:  Do you have permission to take pictures here?

Happy Couple:  Sure do!

Photog:  Okay.

I'm just trying to fathom 18 people posing in front of a church just for the look of it. And then trying to flatten themselves against a wall so they could see, but not be seen. It sounds like an old Pink Panther movie ...

Some of Oldest Niece's prom pictures were made at a little stream and waterfall of a local business, but said business was right down the street from the high school and had encouraged prom-goers to have their pictures made there.

Come to think of it, I'm surprised that Jerkoid and 5.2 didn't decide to have their pictures made in front of 5.2's (and Jerkoid's former) church. I guess they figured they can do that when they have the big foofy do-over wedding.  ::)

Clara Bow:
Nah...they'll go to the Governor's Mansion and try to have the pics made in the front parlor.


--- Quote from: Auntie Venom on June 17, 2009, 11:15:22 PM ---Nah...they'll go to the Governor's Mansion and try to have the pics made in the front parlor.

--- End quote ---

Or around the fountain out front. Really impressive.

Clara Bow:
IN the fountain Scritzy....IN it.
Because he's a zany guy.


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