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I was in a band that has been together for a few years, and it was just for fun - no one wanted to be a star.  We had one person who had been a regular heckler.  He had not just said rude things while we were on stage, he had thrown beer bottles at our lead vocalist, and tried to pants our bass player (we're a chick band), and just generally been a boor. He has been kicked out of almost every show we have done.
We opened for a little larger band (no - you haven't heard of them either), and after the show he walked up to us, in front of God and everyone and said, "Wow - how long have we been friends? Remember (a certain event - yes I do - you dumped a beer down the front of my blouse while I was on stage) and all the good times we've had?" I gave him a very blank confused stare and then told him he must be mistaken. I then turned to the next person waiting for an autograph and ignored him completely. His friends were laughing at him and razzing him at that point. He never came to another show.

I think your reply was perfect.  After all, you were never friends.

1) Welcome to the forum.  :)

2) I think your answer was great.  8)

3) Sadly, he probably thought you were all "just having fun". Some people truly believe it's not a party until someone gets arrested.  :-\


That was terrific!



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