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Sister's wedding - is it rude?

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My sister asked me this question today and I wasn't sure about the answer so I decided to go to the experts!!

"Do you think it would be rude or un-etiquette of us to put an extra note in the invitations that says "Please visit our  wedding website {insert webpage address} for additional information"  or something like that.  Maybe better wording?  That way we don't need to include maps or anything like that in the invitations...just the invitations, reception card, response cards and envelopes...and then the website. I was just assuming that everyone (except our grandparents) have access to a computer.  I don't even have registry information on it.  It's just further information concerning hotels, maps, where everything is located, etc.... "

I told her that since it didn't include wedding registry info then it would be ok. She told me to ask "the Etiquette Hell Ladies" to make sure. Evidently she doesn't trust me  :P

So long as everyone has access to a computer (or for those who don't the note will be left out and the info provided in the invite) I think it's fine.

I've seen it more commonly on Save the Dates rather than in invites, but i also like the weddign websites personally.

Would people need the map, in order to find the place?

I'm wondering if people would then need to print it out and bring it with them, rather than having it already pre-printed.

Could you put a line such as "For more details, you could visit, or call Person at PhoneNumber? That way, people without internet access (or those who prefer not to visit the website) have an alternate.

Chocolate Cake:
I like the last suggestion as, unbelievable as it is, there are still plenty of people out there who don't even own a computer and/or refuse to "trust" the internet for even looking up directions.

Also, rather than compromising the look/feel of the wedding invitation by inserting another slip of paper printed on ye olde home computer, I'd just have the typesetter add that line at the very bottom of the invitation in the same script and typesize.

What we did was we had the wedding invitation with the ceremony time and location on one card, then the reception card.  Then we had the enclosures as one sheet - a regional map for reference since our guests are split between 3 cities, a street map with directions from the ceremony to the reception (less than two miles) that had the directions numbered so it matched the map that had a line drawn and numbers at each turn, and then the wedding website is listed and it tells you for more details about the wedding, local weather blah blah please check the site.  That gives us the map in case someone doesn't want to get the maps online (which, frankly, is all I did) and it gave us a spot to list the wedding website (which does not have registry info visible). 

Since we also have it set up to take RSVPs through the wedding website via a form mail that my friend wrote up for us, it's also listed on the RSVP card.  We have an RSVP card and envelope, but people in our circle and in our extended families simply do not RSVP by mail.  So at the bottom the card gives you name to RSVP to (MOB) and lists her phone number, email and the wedding website as alternative RSVP modes (we didn't call it RSVPs though since apparently many people in the US don't know what it means anymore, so "The courtesy of a response is requested" instead).


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