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Friend invited herself to a party

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Help!  My new boyfirend is having a birthday party and an old friend of mine asked if she can come.  He doesn't really like her and she and I have drifted apart in recent months (not becuase of him).  How do I tactfully tell her no?

"I'm sorry, but Boyfriend is in charge of the guest list."


"I'm sorry, but that won't be possible."


"Sorry the guest list isn't up to me."

"I really think he's already over his limit with all his firends he invited, I don't really think he can fit another person in."

"Actually after you made that snide comment about his mom he kinda finds you annoying, I don't think it's a good idea for you to crash his party."

"It's a swingers party, do you swing?"  [Be sure to hang a rope swing in the yard, so if she speaks with anyone they can confirm there was swinging going on  >:D]

"you know, I am not in charge of the guest list, sorry."

"I am not sure what the arrangements are, he might have already given the headcount to _______ [caterer/restaurant/host]"

"you'll have to ask the hostess, I am not sure how big her house is."


--- Quote from: suzystumped on May 03, 2007, 03:22:24 PM ---How do I tactfully tell her no?

--- End quote ---


It's a complete, polite sentence.  Not tactful, perhaps, but after she tried to invite herself, tact isn't on the table.


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