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Author Topic: ". . . And s/he was NOT invited back!" - share your rudest guest stories  (Read 208333 times)

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Re: ". . . And s/he was NOT invited back!" - share your rudest guest stories
« Reply #345 on: December 11, 2013, 06:02:29 AM »
I may have told this story before, but I remember having my parents stay with us for a week after my first child was born.  My mother asked if she could invite a friend over, and I said "Sure."  Mum said reassuringly "Don't worry about the place looking so messy.  I explained to my friend that you can't be expected to keep a tidy house when you've just had a baby."   :o

Thing is, I'm sure she was trying to be nice - but all she did was hurt my feelings terribly, because I had been trying to keep a tidy(ish) house - all while sleep-deprived and worrying myself sick about whether or not the baby was doing well.  I didn't have dirty dishes anywhere, nor was there laundry piled up on the chairs - but the fact that it wouldn't have passed the white-glove test translated to "messy" in Mum's mine.  Sigh.

There must be a term for this. It's like an unintentional back-handed compliment. I've had so many of these, there simply needs to be a word for it.

not a single word, but "damning with faint praise" springs to mind..