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Author Topic: ". . . And s/he was NOT invited back!" - share your rudest guest stories  (Read 211925 times)

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snowball's chance

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I did a search & couldn't find this topic.

A few years ago, it was my then-BF's birthday.  We went to a hockey game with a bunch of his friends, and then I invited everyone over to my place afterwards for some beers.  This was the first time I had ever hosted any BF's friends. 

(BG: The day this happened, I had received Uggs & a pair of cords in the mail that I had ordered online.  I had opened them right after I got off work, and then set them on my coffee table as I had to scramble to get ready in time to meet the BF for dinner & drinks before the game)

When we got to my place after the game, I lit pretty much every candle I owned, as it was about a dozen people, 3/4 of them smokers (as am I).  I wanted to mask the smoke somehow b/c my apt isn't exactly gigantic, I'd never had that many people smoking at once inside of it, and even if I had wanted to open a window, they were frozen shut.

The BF sees the pkg on the coffee table, & asks what I ordered, I show him the pants & the boots and set them back on the coffee table.  After a couple of beers, BF & his friend decide to throw the balled-up tissue that was in the boots at each other.  ::)  One tissue ball lands on my dinette, and BF's friend who is sitting there, picks it up & holds it to the candle, & lights it.  She holds a burning tissue ball in her hand for a second, that goes, "Oh!" & throws it in the sink, but not before a couple of burning embers float down to the off-white carpet, luckily, no noticable damage.

Everyone sits in stunned silence for a few minutes.  Then Pyro's BF immediately jumps up & says, "Well, we should get going."  Pyro just walks down the hall to my front door and gets her coat from the front closet, and waits at the door while her BF said good-bye to everyone.


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Wow, just wow. 

My story isn't as "good" as snowball's, but it's still kinda good.

When my mom and I moved into my stepdad's house, my stepsister "Geni" still came over.  Along with her friends.  One of her friends was named "Vanessa" and she was the rudest person I knew.  It was the summer inbetween 4th and 5th grade for me, and at the time, I had these barbie books that I loved.  Vanessa would come into my room and read the books to me as if I was a baby. (it was her tone of voice, and the fact that in kindergarten I was reading at a 4th and 5th grade level that made it really bad...)  In general, Vanessa treated me as if I was a baby/toddler who needed to be treated as such. 

The reason she was un-invited from the house was, in addtion to being rude, she was also really disrespectful to my stepdad.  One morning, he went into the living room that had WHITE couches and saw Vanessa eating a RED popsicle without anything to catch the juice.  Normally, he told Geni's friends to go get a papertowel and to not eat on the white couch and they did with no problem.

Vanessa was "special" though.  Not only did she say that she didn't want to, she said it in a way that made my stepdad ban her from the house.  (and my stepdad very rarely bans people from the house.)

NE Florida


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I have one of those friends who does not know when it's time to leave. She kept me up to 4:30 a.m. one night chatting away and playing my video games. I started doing the PA thing, "Oh, it's getting late," which had no effect on her to "I can make up a bed for you on the couch" which eventually became "OK, I'm going to bed." She only went to bed (on my couch) when she was good and ready.

I now either meet her at her place or out in public, but I can't remember when was the last I time I invited her over.


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I had just moved into my very first apartment and I really liked it. No one had ever lived in it and I spent a lot of time decorating it and everything. I was quite pleased. Then, I invited this guy I was friends with at the time over and he brought a couple of friends who were visiting him. These guys were the type who thought they were so cool that everyone should just be overjoyed to be in their presence. They came in my apartment and wandered around eating my food and telling stupid stories. Then, one of them walked over to my bookshelf, grabbed my leather Bible that my Mom had got me (which was pretty expensive, not to mention, it was a *Bible*). He took it, held it up in the air, and said "This is what we think of Bibles!" and ripped it up right in front of me! My mouth dropped open and I was speechless! The guy that I had invited over, then said, "Uh, we better get going," and I said "Yeah, I think so." Man, that still makes me angry to think about it.


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Well, no one has ever tried to set my house on fire, but here goes my story.

I have an Aunt that lives along the Gulf Coast. She's not a very nice person and I've never really liked her. She is especially mean to my Mother,  her younger sister. My Mom does not know how to tell anyone no and when Hurricaine Rita was heading towards Aunt's house my Mom graciously invited her to evacuate to my house. Note that I did not extend the invitation. So I was already very unhappy when I got the call at work that Aunt and her three horribly behaved dogs were coming to my house.

So Aunt comes and sets up camp in my guest bedroom. Her dogs chase my cats and annoy my dogs. Aunt has a habit of coating herself with baby powder every morning and by day 2 there is a thin coat of baby powder all over my house that she does not even offer to clean up. But the worst thing was her dogs potty habits. She lived in an apartment with a back patio, but no grass. So her dogs just pooped on her back patio. When they came to my house the dogs refused to use any of the grass in my 1/2 acre back yard and insisted on pooping on my back patio. I was not amused. Aunt kept saying she would clean it up, but never did.

Rita completely misses her town, so after a week she goes home. By this point I've taken to hiding in my bedroom with a bottle of wine and trying to ignore the thick layer of baby powder and the massive quantity of dog poop on my back patio. Aunt comes and knocks on my bedroom door at 5:00 am and tells me she is leaving. I was not amused at the hour but was so relieved that she was leaving that I gladly helped her load her car and those drat dogs. After she pulled out of the driveway I went to the backyard and spotted that she hadn't cleaned up the dog poop. Grrrrrrr.

Sadly, before Ike and Gustav came along I found someone who desparately needed a bedroom suite and turned my guest bedroom into my knitting room. Aunt stayed with my Mom and boarded the dogs.


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Back when I was involved with a church I invited the youth minister's family over (they were new). They had 3 kids, a girl and 2 boys.
I didn't know them well, but they seemed to be okay.

They walk in and the first thing the 3 kids do is to jump on our sofa! Mom and dad do/say nothing. They they proceed to the bedrooms to jump on the beds. Parents at this point say, in a joking way, something like "maybe you shouldn't be jumping on the furniture, ha, ha."

I learned that this is the way they disciplined. Very ineffectual, and their kids' behavior was consistently very bratty (labels have been frowned on here lately, but this isn't labeling the kids, it's labeling the behavior).

The worst example of this was when we were all at a farm at a church event. The DD decided she wanted to go into the pasture where the bulls were! She was playing in the field, while mumsy and daddy were calling her feebly, "Honey, can you come out of the field now? There's a bull there." Evil me was imagining just a little tap from an irate cow or bull, just enough to put some natural fear into the girl.  >:D

Needless to say, after that first visit they were never invited again.


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This story isn't too shocking, considering it came from a child, but she was old enough to know better.

In our old neighborhood was one of those kids whose parents just turned her out into the street all day because they didn't want to deal with her.  I felt sorry for her, so I would talk to her and one day I invited her in.  She was probably 11 years old at that time.  She instantly went into my kitchen and opened all of my cabinets one by one.  I just stood there in shock.  Finally I asked her what she was looking for, and asked her to please stop.

A few days later, she came over and understandably, I didn't invite her in, so we were talking through the screen door.  She was wearing a grass skirt over her clothes and began wadding it up and pushing it through a hole in my screen, making it larger.  I said, "Please don't do that, you're making the hole in the screen bigger."

Her response was to give me a "diva" head shake and push her face closer to mine, as if to challenge me and say, "Don't tell me what to do."

I said, "Excuse me??  This is MY house, and you will NOT damage my screen."

She left and never came back.  I felt bad about it, because I know she was a messed up kid, but I didn't feel I did anything wrong.


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When I was in my teens, my brother had a friend over.  We lived on about 9 acres, and had two horses, a barn, and a chicken coop from when the previous owner had chickens.  It was a hot day, so we were putting the horses out at night and bringing them in to the barn during the day to protect them from the sun.

My brother first took his friend down to the barn to show him the horses.  I went down to the barn soon afterwards to make sure they weren't giving the horses too many treats.  I was on my way to the barn when I heard the crack of a whip.  I came running, and here the guy was swinging the lunge whip at the two terrified horses in their stalls.  I read the guy the riot act, told him he needed to get out of the barn IMMEDIATELY and stay away from the horses from now on, and stayed close to the barn for the rest of his visit.

A little while later, brother and his friend decide to do archery.  They set up targets on some hay bales in the middle of the field, pretty well away from everything.  Friend decides to aim at the glass window of the old chicken coop instead, takes it out and gets broken glass all over the place.

Strangely this friend never got invited back again...
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My mother, myself, and my brother usually go to Thanksgiving dinner at my aunt's house. This has been the tradition going back twenty-odd years. My aunt is a great cook and usually makes turkey breast or ham with all the trimmings, including her delicious homemade dressing. She works very hard and we always thank her for the wonderful meal.

Last Thanksgiving, I met my mother and drove to my aunt's house. My brother was supposed to pick up his girlfriend (who was also invited) but he's always late and this was no exception. Dinner was scheduled to start at a certain time, which he knew about. This may have been rude, but since he's always late and the food was getting cold, and all of the other guests were assembled, we ate at the scheduled time.

He and his girlfriend, let's call her Kelly, showed up about 20 minutes after we had started to eat. They were both dressed extremely casually. (My family doesn't dress extremely formally for these things, but I typically wear a nice sweater and a nicer pair of jeans or slacks and dressy shoes.) Kelly complained that they were seated at the kitchen table. (This was because there was not enough space in the dining room, and I'll add my mother and my aunt, the hostess, also ate in the kitchen.) After the meal Kelly became upset at something my brother said (which was probably reasonable, my brother is not a nice person ) and proceeded to lock herself in my cousin's basement room. She would not come out for at least a half hour. They both ate messily and finished all of my aunt's homemade dressing, of which there are usually plenty of leftovers. Their behavior was just generally rude and not appreciative of the wonderful meal they'd been invited to.

They were not invited to Christmas dinner. (also a long-standing tradition) When my brother found out about this (I tried to keep it to myself but he asked me directly on Christmas Eve if I would be going the next day) he acted extremely put out that he and his girlfriend were not going to be asked back. He seemed to think it was completely acceptable to go to your host's home for a "free meal" without being polite or interacting with anyone but his girlfriend, who he was probably very rude to all day. I was very embarrassed to be related to him that day.

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Shortly after ds was born, a friend of mine came to visit with her 3 sons. Yikes! They were 4, 3 and under 1. The boys jumped on my couch, ripped the newspaper that had come that day, cleared off the bottom of the bookshelf, and poked my couch with diaper pins. They only stayed an hour and I was so glad to see them go. Mom did not stop them and I didn't feel comfortable saying anything. If I recall correctly, she did say that I needed to baby proof the house. Uh, not if my son was a month old! :)


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I had a suitcase full of good quality clothes that didn't fit me. I asked my friends if they could use them, planning to donate to Goodwill if they couldn't. None of my friends could use them but one said that a friend of hers "Molly" was having a tough time financially and asked if I'd be willing to give them to her. I said that would be fine.

We arranged for Molly to come and see the clothes and take anything she wanted. She arrived at my house late and when she rang the doorbell she was talking on her cell. She didn't make eye contact and I awkwardly let her into the house and waited for her to stop talking. She talked for another ten minutes about a problem she was having and finally hung up. She accepted the soft drink I offered her but didn't greet me, just went on talking about the problem she'd told her friend on the cell about. She came to see the clothes and said she would try them on. She took them all into the bathroom with her and tried them on for about an hour.

Finally she came downstairs and said "I'll take them". She was disappointed I wouldn't give her the suitcase I had been keeping them in and she asked if I had anything else to give away. She then complained some more about her personal problems.

Finally she left with all the clothes. At no point did she ever said thank you for anything. Not even once.


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My SIL and BIL came to visit one month after I had my dd.  His dad lived in the same state we do and he needed help moving from his home into assisted living quarters.  SIL very nicely asked if they could please stay on our pull-out couch since the plane tickets were about all they could afford.  For 2 nights, not a big deal I thought.

BIL smokes.  No smoking is allowed in my house especially with a new baby in the home.  He smoked on the front porch and it still came thru the windows.  DH asked him to please take a walk when he smoked (like FIL does when he visits) and BIL got bent out of shape.  SIL asked us to please make an acception for her DH.  No.

The next morning they were helping his dad move all day but due back around 5:00.  DH went after work and got a bunch of lunch meat and 3 types of salad so I wouldn't have to cook.  I told him to get a lot so the next day we could have the left overs for lunch.  SIL and BIL come in, with his dad who we did not know was coming, and his first comment is "That is A LOT of food."  I smile and said "We thought you might be hungry.  If not, there will be left overs for tomorrow."  Him:  "We are going to be eating the same thing tomorrow?!"  Me: (losing it) "If you chose to eat here, then yes."

They have never been invited back.


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I was not the hostess in this case.  Several years ago, my grandmother deteriorated quickly and had brain surgery, and all of the relatives were informed that this could be the end, and to come into town.  (Luckily, it was not, and she's still alive and well).  I was getting laundry ready when I got the call from my cousin, and I told him that I could come right away, but I had no clean clothes, so could I do laundry at his place?  He said fine.  So a 5 hour drive with my mom, a visit to the hospital, a very late fast-food dinner, and then laundry at my cousins' house at midnight.  My cousins are twins and at the time owned a house together.  It was kind of party central, and there were always people coming and going.  So they had guests, and I was already tired and grouchy, and their guest was annoying me, so I apologized and said I was a little out of sorts because my grandmother was very sick in the hospital after having endured major surgery as an octogenarian.

His response:  "Oh, I know just how you feel.  The other day I spilled ketchup on my white shirt.  It was the worst day of my life."

Later on, he said to one of my cousins, "I don't think your cousin likes me."  Gee...ya think?


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Paul, a college roommate's friend, thought that it was "funny" that I took good care of my dog, and thought my devotion to her was excessive.  Yes, I loved her, still do, and took good care of her and enjoyed being with her, but I didn't do anything crazy.  But Paul thought it would be funny to play a joke on me.  See, I took exception to the fact that he took her face into his hands and blew smoke up her nose.  I told him that he had to leave immediately, and that that was a cruel, dangerous, and disgusting thing to do to an animal.

I came in from work one evening, put my things down and greeted my pup, and was about to take her for a walk when the phone rang.  A man began screaming at me about his injured son, saying that my dog had gotten loose, had bitten his child badly on the face, and that, even now, he was in surgery and that the man was calling the police and animal control on me, that he wouldn't stop until he made sure that my dog was put down.

I went into complete panic mode, and was trying to seek information, as well as pointing out that my dog wasn't loose, that she'd been inside since I had left for work.  He began screaming some more, cursing me out, and threatening to come and take care of my dog himself.  He then hung up on me, and I tried to get myself together a bit, since I was hysterically sobbing, and I was about to call the police.  The roommate had been over at Paul's house, but had been outside while the call was being made.  He'd walked into the room at the tail-end of it, when Paul had hung up, and Paul smugly informed him of what he'd done.  Roommate called me immediately to let me know that it was Paul, and that he was coming home right away to make sure I was o.k.  When he got home, I said, "Paul was pretty much banned anyway, but I don't even want to see him at any parties or group events, ever." 

Still makes me mad, thinking about it.
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This wasn't at my own house, but a very dear friend that I used to hang out with all the time.  My friend decided to throw a small party in celebration of his graduation from college so about ten people were in the house total.  One of the guys that came brought two of his buddies who decided to drink ALL the alcohol in the house and start "play fighting."  Only this was a full-on fight that included the blood and breaking of a dining room table along with the general mess of a fight that includes furniture being thrown around.  My friend eventually asked the two drunk guys to leave and they did, but it wasn't until later that we noticed that they ended up stealing prescription medicine from my purse and threw up in the downstairs foyer leading to the front yard!