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Author Topic: ". . . And s/he was NOT invited back!" - share your rudest guest stories  (Read 212322 times)

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Harriet Jones

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DH's mom has disinvited us -- I have no idea what we've done though, other than existing.  All the rest of the family we've stayed with have invited us back, so we can't be super horrible guests.  :-\


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My mom can be a bad guest. The thing is, she forgets that my house is NOT a 4-star hotel. I do not enjoy being ordered around like a servant.

She also forgets that we are currently a one income household. I cannot afford to go out shopping all the time, buy all the groceries and go out to eat.

DH and I have decided that when we go up there at Thanksgiving, we are staying in a hotel. Yes, we will have to drive 15-20 miles out of the way, but I am looking forward to it. That way, when she starts getting on my nerves I can say it's time to go.

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Posting for updates! Wow, these are some amazing (horrifying?) stories.


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I have two or so...

(1) One of my brothers is in the Navy. He was here on leave this past Christmas but months before hand was calling around to everyone to see if they had extra room for his 17y/o gf (he was 20 at the time). He was hoping (not so secretly) that someone would room both of them. He and she got here- and one of my Aunts (an amazing woman, in my opinion) let the two of them stay with her (my sister 'moved out' for the week for this) with the ONE condition that they DO NOT sleep in the same bed (in our state it's statutory rape because of the age difference).

They did not stay at the house during the night, as they went to parties every night and slept during the day. They were caught MORE THAN ONCE on my sister's bed (her fiance walked in twice- the second time he dumped water on them...not nice, but they didn't do it again). And he left early from his own going away party (oh MAN was Mom upset...he'd been gone for about 18? months before he got a chance to come home) He and GF broke up, BTW...and no one is looking forward to housing him next time- we've got the hotels all checked out and priced for him.

(2) The 'friends' (I've posted about before) of DH came over and were annoying pains...we haven't heard back from them since DH told them he quit drinking...I hate that now he knows the real reason everyone 'liked' him.

I've got more, but my brain doesn't want to word them properly...suffice to say, DH was the one in the wrong in a few.


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A friend of mine was hosting another party that she was known for. These parties were sometimes large, sometimes slightly crazy, but never anything that the cops would worry about!   >:D

Anyways, my friend Tim (mutual friend of mine and the hostess) decided that he was going to invite four of his buddies to the party. He had introduced these guys to me and one of them (Dave) took a liking to me... I was quick to recognize that Dave was not my type. I managed to get away from Dave and mingle with other people at the party including my friend Jimmy. Jimmy was a swell guy, but just a friend. (Maybe the fact that he "wasn't into women" had something to do with the lack of romantic connection between us.) Apparently, Dave thought that Jimmy was trying to get with me, so Dave in his brilliance punched Jimmy!!! No questions. Just punched and claimed that I was his?!? The lovely hostess quickly excused Dave and the other three out. Tim was no longer allowed to invite extra guests.

Poor Jimmy had a lovely shiner as a parting gift. Luckily, he had a good sense of fashion and found a way to make it work for him... I've never seen anyone with so many pairs of sun glasses!!!


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If I recall correctly, she did say that I needed to baby proof the house. Uh, not if my son was a month old! :)

Yeah, because we've all seen the havoc and devastation those month-old terrors can wreak.  >:D

Sheesh. Sometimes, one must shake one's head.
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My mom can be a bad guest. The thing is, she forgets that my house is NOT a 4-star hotel. I do not enjoy being ordered around like a servant.
She also forgets that we are currently a one income household. I cannot afford to go out shopping all the time, buy all the groceries and go out to eat.

DH and I have decided that when we go up there at Thanksgiving, we are staying in a hotel. Yes, we will have to drive 15-20 miles out of the way, but I am looking forward to it. That way, when she starts getting on my nerves I can say it's time to go.


I think you and I are long lost sisters. This is my mom to a T. It's not that she can be a bad guest she is a TERRIBLE guest. We are both from IN....HMMMM..... ;D


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If I recall correctly, she did say that I needed to baby proof the house. Uh, not if my son was a month old! :)

Yeah, because we've all seen the havoc and devastation those month-old terrors can wreak.  >:D

Sheesh. Sometimes, one must shake one's head.

Oh, come on. You're holding your month-old baby, he has a fork in his hand, and suddenly you trip and boom! That fork is plunged right into the electrical outlet. Happens all the time.
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This is tame compared to some of the other stories.

Back in 2002, a friend of mine called me to tell me that she was coming to stay with me for her spring break. I gave her the benefit of the doubt assuming that she had told me before and I had forgotten about it- things were VERY stressful and hectic back then. She was coming from my hometown a little over an hour away, and being dropped off by somebody else (and then picked up afterwards). Hopefully she DID mention it to me and I forgot about it and it was not just improptu.

Since I was working full time, she would just stay inside my apartment doing homework and watching TV, and then we would go out in the evening.

Apparently she wanted to get into contact with two of her old teachers. So she was calling them from MY phone. And thus not allowing me to go online- I had dial-up back then, since DSL was not super common. One day she took half an hour speaking to one and I had to tell her to cut it out.

When she left, as her thank you, she left me some Chef Boyardee stuff that was not to my tastes, rather than asking. OK, so this was more clueless than anything. But I ended up donating them to the homeless shelter.

I got the chicken pox not too long afterwards. My family claims she gave it to me- but I have no way to prove that, and she never mentioned it.

When she emailed me a couple years afterwards to let me know she had graduated, I never replied. This was the last straw in her several mooching incidents. And my brother disliked her because she did not like animals at all.
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1) When I was 16 or so, I had a sleepover with maybe 3-4 people. One of the invitees, T, was somewhat "troubled" and had an unusual habit: she would call random men out of the phone book. She was not making crank calls to them, just wanted to chat with (male) strangers. Probably had something to do with her having an absent father, but IANAP (I am not a psychologist). Sometimes they would indulge her. That night, after we had gone to sleep (around 3am), T took the white pages and the phone and shut herself in the guest room. She apparently called a random number and when a woman answered, she asked to speak to "John" or whatever the male name was in the phone book. The woman asked who she was and she replied, "this is his mistress." John got on the phone and chewed her out.

At about 5am the phone rang and I picked it up to hear some random man yelling about his pregnant wife and demanding to speak to my parents. I told him he had the wrong number and hung up...then realized that T was giggling and got the story out of her. He called back again later and my dad answered. I tried to explain, but John insisted that he recognized my voice and knew I had made the phone call. T would not admit to my parents that it was her, and I was severely punished. (My parents didn't really believe I was the caller because I am shy and non-confrontational and it would have been totally out of character for me to do something like that...but who knows with teenagers?) Our friendship ended after that.

2) I was home from college for the summer and my brother, who was in high school, had a friend, D, over. When I got home from my BF's house, it was late at night, my parents were in bed, and DB and D had been drinking. D decided they needed to go to 7-11 and get snacks and since I didn't want them driving (I don't think it was even legal for them to drive at that time of night because they were underage), I offered to take them. When we got home, they sat on the couch and started eating nachos. After a few minutes, D threw up all over the carpet. He then proceeded to shout at me that I had made him sick (I guess from driving?) while DB cleaned up the mess.
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I've got one. I'm not sure if I've mentioned this guy before or not...but here goes.

Spring of 2007, Mom and Dad decide to move from coastal NC to Baton Rouge, to be closer to my aging grandparents, who are also not in the best of health. The actual move takes place at the end of June. Around the same time, I find out that I need one more class to graduate with my B.A. (I thought I was done). NC has a reciprocal agreement between the UNC system and the community colleges, so I took the class I needed at the local community college. In order to finish it, I had to stay with a friend for six weeks because of the length of the class. Jason (who was DF at the time, not DH) had a friend coming to visit from Florida at the same time. Jason lived on base in the barracks at the time.

Because Jason's friend can't get on base (he arrived before Jason got off work) Jason arranged to send him over to my house...where we are loading up a moving van. I go out to meet him, and invite him inside to chat while I clean. I happened to be vacuuming my bedroom at the time. First thing he does is try to close the door! I don't know how other people feel, but I find it highly inappropriate to try to be alone with a member of the opposite gender whom you have only met 5 minutes ago. Stopped that in its tracks and got my brother to come hang out in there while I finished.

By the time we had finished (and to give him credit, he did pitch in to help), Jason still wasn't off work. Most of my stuff that I needed was already at my friend's house, so I called her mother and asked if she minded if I came over to take a shower, since we [me, Jason, friend] had planned to go out. And if it was ok to bring the friend. She said fine, so we headed over there. Friend has been slightly inappropriate and somewhat socially awkward up to this point, but nothing heinous.

It was already an awkward situation, so I showered as quickly as possible and went back out to the living room, where we all talked while waiting for Jason. I found out later that he had taken the nerf gun and started shooting the discs. At my friend's mother's chest. And at the dog, *after* being told not to. When confronted with this later, his response was 'I didn't mean anything so she shouldn't be offended.' Mama Teri later said she spent the whole 10 minutes fervently wishing for me to take a really really fast shower.

When Jason got there, we, plus my friend, went out to dinner. Now, we're all in our early twenties, and we're goofing off at the restaurant, not in a disruptive sort of way, but just having fun. I certainly don't recall us being too loud (if we were, I beg forgiveness as I hadn't yet discovered Ehell I don't think). Now, with this group of friends (me, my friend, Jason, and his best friend, not this guy, and not there at the time) we had a running joke going involving same-gender s3xual innuendos. It was all in good fun, and nobody took it seriously, and it stayed PG-13. Not with this guy. He started taking it way too far, making very very crude statements and gestures that were downright offensive.

After dinner, we headed over to the base to see about getting him a temporary pass. On the way in, he took his cigarette lighter and held it up to Jason's ear *while Jason was driving*. While Jason was in the office, he took his phone out and tried to get me and my friend to make out so he could record it. Then he started taking pictures down the front of my shirt!

After that we went back to my friend's house and played board games with her parents. Jason's friend continued to make crude and inappropriate remarks.

After they left, I found out what went on while I was in the shower that afternoon (the stuff I mentioned before) and I was informed that he was *not*, under any circumstances, welcome back in the house. And to please not invite my friend along with us the next evening. Fine by me! He creeped me out.

Thankfully, I've only seen him once since then, when he showed up unannounced at Jason's parents' house while I was visiting. He then proceeded to monopolize our afternoon (we were long-distance at the time and this was my last afternoon before I had to go home) and ogle my cleavage across the table at lunch. And then ask if Jason would ask if he could spend the night so he wouldn't have to pay for a hotel.

Needless to say, they're not friends anymore.


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I was reading some of these stories to my DH and he said, "Speaking of rude guests, do you remember the 'Smiths'?"  The Smiths were a family (husband, wife, 11yo daughter) that DH knew before he met me and they came out to visit from the midwest when we were first engaged and had just moved in together.

They arrived with an extra child in tow (a cousin about the daughter's age, whom they had neglected to mention they would be bringing) and while I was at work, asked if I would be willing to sleep on the sofa so that the girls wouldn't see their hosts "living in sin".  The girls broke DH's Gameboy (and then hid it; he found it several weeks later) and got into my closet and tried on a bunch of my shoes without asking.  They complained about the food we served (too frou-frou, where are the mashed potatoes?) and the quality of the linens ("I guess people always put the cheap sheets on the guest bed, don't they?") and the fact that they had to drive their own car whenever the lot of us went anywhere.  (Six people wouldn't fit into a single car, and we balked at DH and I "limousining" them about in our two vehicles, which is what they originally proposed.)

I later learned that DH paid for nearly everything for them while they were in town, including meals, a trip to the science museum, movie rentals, and piles of requested snack food for the girls.  They did take DH out for dinner one night, when I had a late shift.  DH asked if they would push the restaurant meal out until the next day so that I could join the group, but they said no.  When they left, the guest areas were a disaster area, including wet towels mildewing on the floor in the bathroom and half-eaten junk food in the bedroom where the two girls had stayed.

A few years later they phoned and asked if we'd like to host them for a few days again.  Mysteriously, we were much too busy to receive guests that summer.


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DH has a friend, who I think I've posted about before.  He's rude, loud, disrespectful, misinformed about a lot of topics, and generally unpleasant.  I put up with him for a few years, even though after every meeting I liked him less and less.  The last straw for me was last year, when DH invited him (I'll call him D) and another friend to watch the Superbowl at our condo.  The Superbowl ends pretty late for us, since we're on the East Coast.  But D wouldn't leave, and when the other friend made motions to go home, D would convince him not to go.  It was starting to get really late, like after midnight, and then they all got into an extremely loud discussion.  Actually, they were all yelling.  I waited for DH to tell his friends to keep it down, but he didn't, so finally I had to.  D actually argued with me, saying that our neighbors wouldn't mind.  Um, actually, they probably do, and in fact, I also minded.  Then D told me to go to bed, he wouldn't mind.  Excuse me, I am NOT your child.  Because in DH's culture, it's apparently rude to tell guests that it's time to go home, I didn't.  But, I was giving DH evil glares, and DH at least told his friends that they couldn't be yelling anymore.  I had made the mistake of mentioning earlier that I didn't have to go to work the next day, so apparently D felt that meant he could stay at our house as long as he wanted.  Whenever I yawned, or tried to subtly imply that he should leave, he said "but you don't have to work tomorrow, so what's the big deal?"

Finally, sometime after 2am, D and the other friend got up to leave.  I told DH that D was NEVER going to be invited to our place again.  DH tried to defend his friend a little, but even he admitted that he wished he would have left earlier.  And to DH's credit, he's never invited D over to our place again.  

Unfortunately, this past weekend, D showed up uninvited at our place.  DH was throwing me a bday party (turned 30!), and invited between 15-20 people.  Somehow, word got out that there was a party at our place, and over 30 people must have showed up.  Most of the people who showed were fine, except for D.  Of course.  The party had winded down around 11pm, except for a few close friends.  I should mention that most of the people invited were DH's friends, so from the same cultural background as DH.  (All my family and friends live in a different state, so that's why this party was mostly DH's friends.)  Anyway, around 2am, the only people left were D, and the same friend from the Superbowl party (I'll call him Ted.)  This time Ted was here with his wife and 2 year old kid.  Ted's wife had been asking for them to go home for a while, but Ted wanted to stay longer.  And D was also telling Ted to have just one more, every time.  Ted was easily convinced to have another one, each time.  I was getting increasing annoyed, and finally told DH that the party was over.  He said "okay, okay - just let them finish their beers".  At 3am, D asked DH if there was anything else to eat.  There wasn't, except for some uncooked meat.  So he asked DH to fire up the grill.  He also asked DH all of this in their language, so I didn't understand what they were saying.  DH was actually going to do it, but I think he clearly didn't want to.  When he got up, I asked him what he was doing and he explained what D wanted.  I said "absolutely not!  It's 3am!  We're not going to cook more food now."  I stopped short of saying that everyone needed to leave now, but they did finally leave at 3:30am.  I again told DH that D was never being invited here again, and DH wholeheartedly agreed.  


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I post for updates. But just to add to the thread: this isn't my guest or my house, but it is the reason the GMs at the LARP group I go to have put a "no newbies on outdoors" rule.

We had someone invite people to LARP last week. We're a very small group, so there's about 7 players to 7 monsters on an average day. The parties must be equal-balanced in the monster's favour, otherwise there's no fun and no challenge for the player party and the monsters get pretty tired and frustrated at being a horde of zombie.

One of them showed up to an all day outdoor event in heavy rain in sandals, moaned about being unathletic (...yeah, I'm not that brilliant at sporting pursuits myself), and then quit about halfway through.

The other one turned up late to the place we meet, was using the LARPs foam weapons to hit trees, swearing nearly constantly (on a public footpath - we try very hard to be polite and move aside and be generally unoffensive, even if we are wearing rubber orc masks at the time), very, very eager to hit people, and then quit about 3/4s of the way in.

And yet they're coming back to the next one, even though one of them doesn't want to be there because she'll get hit and the other one has invited himself onto the player party because he is too awesome to monster. I'm torn between going to watch the GM erupt in fury (again) and staying out of the blast radius. Why would you do something you apparently couldn't be bothered to do the first time?