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--- Quote from: Redsoil on June 04, 2013, 10:49:28 AM ---A couple of people thought one of our wedding songs in the church was a bit strange:

Plaisir D'amour

The joy of love is but a moment long;
The pain of love endures a whole life long.
Your eyes kissed mine; I saw the love in them shine;
You brought me heaven right then when your eyes kissed mine.
My love loves me, and all the wonders I see;
A rainbow shines in my window; my love loves me.
But now he's gone, like a dream that fades into dawn,
But the words stay locked in my heartstrings, "My love loves me."
The joy of love is but a moment long,
The pain of love endures a whole life long.

...and I suppose to some it would be a bit maudlin.  However, it was an acknowledgement that love isn't just sunshine and roses, that marriage was about the pain of love, and enduring, as well.  Plus, we'd had a long-distance relationship for the first year, so knew the pain of missing someone when they were away.

--- End quote ---

Well, "Plaisir d'amour" is also a French song which is about a man singing about his ungrateful love, Sylvia, because she took another lover. I could understand why people might be confused for that reason, but I think that the song you used is lovely. I'm glad you could find something you both loved.

When we got married in a British regisrty office, we were told we could have any song not normally played in a religious setting as our tune and I  so wanted to play "Paranoid" by Black Sabbath..

Fortunatly good taste got the better of me.

Worst aisle entrance song I ever heard: "Lady Marmalade".  It's basically about a man who is successfully solicited by, well, a lady of the first profession.  There are some pretty explicit lyrics but they're in French.

I kind of sat there with my eyes bugging out, thinking: "sweet cherry tomatoes!  Please let me be the only person in this hall who understands French!"  If I wasn't, nobody else let on.

Oh sweet heavens! I would be so trying not to burst into hysterical laughter!

Nothing like walking down the aisle to music boldly soliciting.

My cousin and his wife chose 'Baby Got Back' for their first dance because, to use their words, it was a song that followed them throughout their relationship - it was playing the first time they met, when my cousin asked her out, in the car on their first date. It was fun watching them try to slow dance to it!


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