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The DJ also sometimes gets the music wrong.  I know that at our wedding, he started playing entirely the wrong song for our first dance, realized it, and fixed it.  For the father-daughter/mother-son dance, though, he played the wrong one (something random and probably inappropriate; I've blocked it out) but shrugged and let it go on.  Not much you can do at that point but grin and bear it.

Some of them might raise eyebrows, sure, but it's not polite to go about gossiping about it.

Two Ravens:

--- Quote from: Twik on August 05, 2009, 09:08:26 AM ---Actually, I don't mind "The Lady Is a Tramp". I've always seen it as a song about a woman who doesn't care what other people say about her unconventional ways, because she has her own integrity.

And "broads" is pretty mild, considering the way women are referred to in songs today.

--- End quote ---

Yes, I totally agree.  The song is about doing what you like and not comforming to society's roles.  Of course, originally the song was in the first person

I go to Coney - the beach is divine.
I go to ball games - the bleachers are fine.
I get the papers and read every line:
That's why the lady is a tramp!

I like a prize fight that isn't a fake.
I love the rowing on Central park lake.
I go to opera and stay wide awake:
That's why the lady is a tramp!

I like the green grass under my shoes, what can I lose?
I'm flat! That's that!
I'm all alone when I lower my lamp:
That's why the lady is a tramp!

I was astonished that Sting's 'Every Breath You Take' wasn't on the list.

For a while it was a very popular wedding song, and Sting himself was amazed by this. Not only is it a post break-up song, it's about a stalker!

I had a friend who used Remember When as her dance with her dad. I always thought it was SUPER inappropriate! Especially the part when they are talking about the first time they played scrabble!

Although, our first dance song probably raised a few eye brows as well, so who am I to talk! We chose Thank You by Johnny Reid, which is a man looking back on his life with his wife when she dies. But the lyrics are just so beautiful, and you wouldn't know what he meant if you didn't watch the video, so we didn't care! There was something about saying "Thank you for loving me" on our wedding day that really appealed to us!

Born to be Wild at the last church wedding I went to.  It was awesome.  Not truly awful, but it got some great reactions, though technically it was the recession song (and yes it was a biker wedding).


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