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snowball's chance:
About a week ago I found my cousin on FB.  He has always lived far away and unfortunately I haven't spent much time with him over the years, but added him as a friend thinking it'd be a good way to get back in touch.  He is several years younger than me, and would have to say I really don't know him all that well.

Today was a slow day at work so I was "playing" on FB.  Took three quizzes* for fun, and wrote published a couple word-game Notes.  I DID NOT tag anyone in the notes, and didn't send my quiz results to anyone, but the results would show up on my Friend's homepages.

So my cousin left this comment on one of my notes:

"The number of quizzes you take on here is disturbing... the quality of the quizzes are well beyond disturbing... I am kind of afraid of you." (deleted by me)

So yeah . . . I am going to make the assumption that it's a joke, and I understand that anything published on FB is subject to comment . . . but WT Heck?  Why say anything at all if someone's FB entries bother you?

*ETA, FTR, the quizzes were not "How good are you at Scrabble?" or anything inappropriate.

I think he was just teasing you. Now, that might have gotten my hackles up a little, but I really bet he was just razzing you a bit.

Tosha Go:
I see where you're coming from - it doesn't look like he made it clear as to whether or not he was teasing (no ;) or :)).  I'd be inclined to think he is joking.

I see a lot of my facebook friends devoting their statuses to "I hate Facebook quizzes!!!" like Facebook is only supposed to be used for self-indulgent ramblings and serious life updates.  It's a website.  Who cares if people play games on it.  Internet = serious bizness apparently  ::) so in short I say play all the games you want  and  :P to those who gripe.

I think he was probably kidding.  I would ignore the comment and probably delete it, like you did or say something smart-mouthed in response.  You will be able to tell over time. 

I just changed my own settings so that almost nothing I do shows up in newsfeeds.


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