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Author Topic: Your own personal mysteries.  (Read 359219 times)

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Re: Your own personal mysteries.
« Reply #2505 on: Yesterday at 08:35:40 PM »
I lost my keys a few days ago.  I had let my 5-year-old have the keys to open the front door when we got home.  A bit later I'd brought in some bags of animal food from the car.  The next day I went to take the kids somewhere and... no keys.  The tricky part was that we weren't sure who had last had the keys.  Was it the 5-year-old?  Or me?  I didn't remember if I'd left the car open, and so didn't need the keys when I went to get the food from the car (and thus the 5-year-old was the last to have them), or whether I'd locked it, in which case I would have needed the keys.  Looked everywhere.  It was getting pretty bad.  I thought at first that it was pretty silly to pray to find my keys, but I got over that and did pray.  About 5 minutes later I found them.  Where?  In my shoe!

As near as we can put things together, we *think* that the 5-year-old left the keys somewhere obvious.  The 2-year-old, who loves keys, found them.  That evening at one point she was pretending to be "mommy" by walking around in my shoes, and she possibly had been carrying the keys at that point without my noticing.  She must have then put them in the shoe.  Problem solved.

Part of why I was nervous was that the keys included the difficult-to-replace car fob, and because I lost my keys once before and never found them.  I'd gone to a Bible study at somebody's house, driving there.  Went in, put my purse under my chair.  Went to leave... no keys in purse.  Not in pocket, not under the chair.  Not in the car, or on the ground between the car and the house.  Just gone.  They were even on a red lanyard, which you'd think would stand out.  They were never found, not by me and not by the people who lived in the house, not even when they moved to a new house two years later!  Now *that's* a mystery I'd like to know the solution to!
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Re: Your own personal mysteries.
« Reply #2506 on: Yesterday at 09:13:36 PM »
Speaking of lost keys-

Not sure if anyone remembers my post for a just over a year ago. - DH lost his car key - fob on the 4th of July 2014. We ripped the house and car apart for a week. Dropped over $1000 on replacement keys and locksmiths. Drove us insane

So we moved July 2015 - almost 1000 miles with movers. When we got to the new apartment DH had to put the kitchen table back together (had to take the legs off to get the table out of the house and then into to the apartment and up the stairs).   The TV,e had a butterfly sty,e leabpfe witha ledge underneath - while putting the legs back on DH pulled the table out to full length

Out dropped the lost key fob - to the car we no longer owned. Almost exactly one year later


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Re: Your own personal mysteries.
« Reply #2507 on: Yesterday at 09:19:54 PM »
Another lost key story: my DH and his band had just finished a gig at about 2am and were packing up to leave. DH discovers that his car key, which had been in his pocket during the performance, is missing and scours the entire venue for it with no luck. Then all of his other bandmates and the staff of the venue helped him search the inside and outside of the venue, and nothing ever turned up.

Next day, we borrowed a car from my parents and went to meet a locksmith to have a copy made. We drive up and there is the key, laying right outside the driver's side door as cool as a cucumber. It wasn't even laying on the black asphalt where it would've blended in - it was laying exactly on the yellow line separating the parking spaces. DH swore up and down it was the first place he looked.


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Re: Your own personal mysteries.
« Reply #2508 on: Yesterday at 09:35:50 PM »
I purchased an antique garnet and gold pair of earrings.  My youngest DD would borrow them all the time, they were a favorite of the both of us.  The were the single most expensive piece of jewelry I have every purchased or myself.  One of the earrings was lost somewhere in the house and we have never been able to find it (over 10 years now).  I keep hesitating to make the remaining earring into a ring, because I know if I do, we will find the other - except I also know it is gone forever.  Did it walk out with a couch?  Vacuum?  Washing machine?  Did the cat carry it off?  Did my DD lose it and lie to me that she did not (I really don't think this because she normally confesses things in a couple of years.)


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Re: Your own personal mysteries.
« Reply #2509 on: Today at 02:27:09 AM »
Where is my Nintendo DS charger?

I have charging cables and plugs for all manner of devices which I can lay my hands on at any given time, but the DS charger seems to have a mind of its own. And legs. Definitely legs.