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BS - you can skip this if want. DS is 28, has social issues, depression, was diagnosed with Asperger's (which may not be the case), has no friends, has not been able to hold down a job. He's in a program for people with disabilities - this is the second program he's been in. The first program was really bad (I had a meeting with his supervisors and their incompetence and lying were made very clear). He is now in an amazing program - he is working in a book store, was promoted to shift manager, writes manuals for the group, and is doing well.

So he is finally hopefully on the right track for job/career. He is interested in the hotel industry (entry level), and has had quite a few interviews - in the past this has really gotten him down ("i'll never get a job - nobody wants me) but now he is learning from each interview and moving on. He changed his style a bit (polo shirts instead of his geeky t shirts for work and button down shirts for interviews). Now he asked me about his FB page because he knows that potential employers might be checking it out. He doesn't have anything inappropriate there - he doesn't have much of anything. He did change his profile pic to something a bit more professional looking but he is wondering what else he should do

Any tips, pointers, ideas?

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Re: ideas/tips for a more "professional" looking FB page
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  Lock it down. ie.  No-one not already on friends list can see anything except the profile pic and name, and send a friend request, set the default to "all post are for friends only". Then do not accept friend requests from random people.


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Re: ideas/tips for a more "professional" looking FB page
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I operate what I call the "grandmother test" - if I wouldn't want my grandmother to see it, it doesn't go on my facebook.

Your son should maybe check what photo's he's shared, groups he's liked and statuses he's posted and remove anything with cursing, discussions of anything rude or risque, inappropriate or immature pics, etc. Then lock down his privacy settings.