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Baby Names - You're kidding Right???

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About a week ago at work, I was working beside someone and during a lull she told me her dil was having a new baby.  They had just found out it was a girl.  Lucky me I got to hear all the details.  Well I asked what they were going to name it.  She told me and I kid you not she said Ahhneastiy Lyyn (yes that's the way they are going to spell it).  Without thinking I said are they nuts and she said well when someone admires the baby and says ahh how sweet she wanted to be able to say yes that is her name.  I know I made a mistake when I said that but please don't name that poor baby that.  Is there anything you can say to a grandmother that could make her kids reconsider.  I can't even imagine how long it will take that poor child to learn to spell her name.

Am I right in guessing that "Ahhneastiy" would be pronounced "Honesty"?
That is a bit of a stretch!

I have a coworker who named her daughter 'Alexia.'  This coworker came to my place of work before she gave birth, and she would always tell people what she was naming her daughter.  We don't get along that well, so I 'forgot' to mention to her that the name means 'loss of an ability to read.'  Heh.  

For future reference, there probably isn't a whole lot you can do.  If someone is dead-set in love with a particular name, it doesn't matter what anyone else says, and any dissenters might be seen as "stuck-in-the-muds with no imagination and can't see that Mannollloo Blossom Esmerelda is a beautiful name."  And if it's someone telling you the name by proxy (as in your case, with the grandmother), it really depends on how they say the name - eye rolling? beaming with joy?  It's also out of their hands, so I think saying anything is a waste of breath.

My ex-husband is Scotch/Welsh. We were searching for Welsh baby girl names and came across:  Creirdyddlydd.  It's actually pronounced kree-duth-ith.  With names like THAT, who needs to make one up!?!


--- Quote from: DeliaD on May 07, 2007, 05:42:39 PM ---Am I right in guessing that "Ahhneastiy" would be pronounced "Honesty"?
That is a bit of a stretch!

--- End quote ---

Yes it would be pronounced Honesty Lynn


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