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Baby Names - You're kidding Right???

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--- Quote from: Specky on August 05, 2013, 01:53:31 PM ---Guy in a class:  Joelle (Joel)  We kept looking for a female, and he didn't want to answer to Joelle.

Woman in an office with a name tag:  Tequila.  Pronounced Ta-QWILL-uh

Kid in son's class:  Juan.  Pronounced Ja-WAN

Is "Peabody" really pronounced "Pibbidy"?  I guess it could be, but that wasn't the obvious pronunciation to me.  The person was quite sharp with me, as though I should have known.

Also knew of a child named U""Neek (she wanted quotation marks).

--- End quote ---

Maybe Peabody was named after the town in Massachusetts, which is pronounced PEE-biddy.

Just watched a rerun of "Say Yes To The Dress"

Bride's name was Duvet.

The parents confirmed that yes, she was named after the comforter because they knew she was going to be a great comfort to them.

I worked with a woman who pronounced her name as Sharon.  Did a double-take when I saw her name badge later and realized it was spelled Charon. 

Always wanted to know if she rowed and/or collected coins, but I never asked. :)


--- Quote from: Jones on August 04, 2013, 05:27:58 PM ---I'd go by Hattie, personally.

--- End quote ---

I second that one.

I kid you not....I met a woman named Winey, today. Pronounced "Wine-ee"  sigh.


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