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Baby Names - You're kidding Right???

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starry diadem:

--- Quote from: daen on April 30, 2014, 12:59:44 PM ---
--- Quote from: Margo on April 30, 2014, 12:31:01 PM ---
--- Quote from: ladyknight1 on April 30, 2014, 10:16:43 AM ---I've been seeing a lot of old fashioned names lately for girls would were born in the mid-90s.


But I really think people should sound out the whole name before they give it to their child.

Patience Snood does not roll off the tongue.

--- End quote ---

Also consider what the initials are .

--- End quote ---

Indeed. Poor Arthur Seymore Sullivan.

--- End quote ---

I once met a guy called Phil Hallas.  Where he worked  - this was in the early days of email before the convention became first name.second name - the construction for email addresses was initial.familyname@organisation.co.uk

Think about it.

I knew the daughter of some hippies who had the intials T. H. C. - at least it was marginally more subtle than Mary Jane or even Mary Joanna....

And Phil really couldn't even go by Phillip to try to avoid looking like HE had a Freudian fascination with himself.  Adding a middle initial to the email name might have helped - as changing your last name is seen as a BIG legal step, as well as a hassle - although usually most businesses only added that middle initial if there were more than one person with the same initial and last name in the same organization.

One place I worked for had email addresses with our first initial and our last name, with no punctuation, preceding the @

So  Mary Smith  would be   msmith@agency.gov

Two co-workers were named  Stephanie Hitt  and  Ed Strogen

On the email address front, I once knew a girl in college whose last name was Lum, and her first name started with S, so the email address the university had come up with for her was... slum@blahblah.edu ::facepalm::

In other news, I read an article about an American artist named Howardena (Pindell). Yes, her father's name was Howard, apparently.

Lady Snowdon:
Mary Jane doesn't have to be in relation to the drug.  My mom's name is Mary Jane and my grandparents certainly aren't hippies or users or anything like that.  They just wanted to give their daughter a nice Catholic name. 

I met a Jorja today (woman's name).  If I got the pronounciation right, it's a variant of Georgia.

Records at my job indicate we have an Able and a Nixon (both first names). 


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