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So you want your family of 5 to live with us... for free?

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Depending on where you live, a fridge plugged in outside would use a whole LOT of energy and send your electric bill skyrocketing.  We're in Texas and we have a fridge in the garage with cold drinks.  I can tell you, that fridge is constantly battling the heat and it's in the shade in an insulated garage!

Outdoor Girl:
Glinda, I think you were far too nice to offer to let them move into your basement in the first place!

Thank your lucky stars that they've decided your offer won't work for them and enjoy your peace and quiet.  Or as much peace and quiet you can have with a toddler and twin babies.   :)

I wasn't trying to get them to live here, but offering - mostly because

1. her kids really are getting shafted, in many ways

2. I'm not afraid to stand up to Scammer BIL; quite frankly, he's a bit intimidated by (scared of?) me

3. he has been working a lot of hours, so he wouldn't be here much - just Sister and her kids

GlindaBunny, your house, your terms on which residents get to live there.

I'm sorry that your sister couldn't accept that, but maybe she needs to realize that there are consequences for her decision to marry and stay married to Scammer BIL and borrow money without learning how to cook or get a job of her own to pay people back.

I feel so bad for your mom. :'(


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