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My party's coming up this Saturday. It's being catered--but all the caterers are doing is delivering the food and picking up the dishes the next day (but I'm responsible for washing them.) We live out of town, so I have to pay an additional $60 fee for travel. Do I tip if they're not really doing anything? Everything I come across relates to tipping for a wedding or a company event, not a smaller party where there aren't servers.

Do you usually tip delivery guys?  if yes, tip these ones too (afterall that's what you are talking about, someone delivering), if you don't, don't.  If the person who delivers is the company owner, don't tip, as one never tips a business owner (in any business), only employees.

Personally, I tip everyone (like Steve Martin's character in My Blue Heaven).  For the situation you describe I wouldn't tip a % tho, I'd tip more like a delivery - based on how much/how heavy the items are, anywhere from $5 to $20 per person.

Hmmm, this is a new one on me.  I've never dealt with the situation you described.

I think Sibby is on the right track re:  delivery tipping.  On the other hand -$60 delivery fee- you're certainly already paying for this service. 

So much depends on the fee structure and pay structure of the person you're tipping, and you don't really know this missing piece.  How far from town do you live?  I can't imagine the $60 fee only covers gas, like the pizza delivery fee does.

If you can, it wouldn't hurt to throw a little cash, spread the love- maybe keep some cash handy and see if the person delivering is super helpful and goes above and beyond when bringing the food?  I guess that's what I'd do.

I guess what fees are you paying and how much do you do?

1) Is the 60$ to cover their travel costs?  Is there another delivery charge over that - which in towners would pay?
2) Do they hand you the trays and leave?  Or do they set them up attractively on the table and make it look nice?

Well, depending on what part of town they're coming from, with the $60 delivery fee I'm paying anywhere from I think about .60 to .75 per mile (calculating 2 both-way drives, one to deliver and one to pick up their stuff.) But I'm also responsible for cleaning the serveware, etc., so that's one less step of labor required by them. There's no delivery charge for in-town, as far as I know. I'm already paying them about $450 after taxes for the food, which I do feel is a reasonable price for what I'm getting, but is also a week's salary which means I'm not able to free-flow tip money. 

I agree, EvilAlice, that there are some unknowns here! They told me that they would come "set up", which I'm assuming means they'll set things up attractively. They're delivering food for 45 people, and it's a husband-and-wife "we compete as a hobby" team so it'll probably be just them delivering...did that answer any questions?


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