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Can't Judge a Book By The Cover


Clara Bow:
I was at school the other day and a young man really impressed me. I was leaving the library with the usual two ton backpack and heavy purse. This young man rushed ahead to hold the door for me, then rushed past me in the atrium to get the next door. Now this guy was young and honest to goodness dressed like a thug....head to toe! But he was the nicest kid, he smiled and said yes ma'am when I thanked him.
I don't judge by clothing, and if you could see how I dressed in my wayward youth you would know why. But I wonder how many people would discount that sweet kid on sight just based on his clothes. Just goes to show you never can tell!

LOL, I see that alot. There's the very well dressed man who shoves past you to get through a door, doesn't hold it open for you & acts like you're in his way; then there's the guy who looks like he's just rolled out of prison to regroup with his gang, complete with matching head scarf (what are those things called?) who is the most pleasant and nicest guy around, holds the door open and responds (after you thank him) with a "you're welcome Miss". I've learned long ago to never judge a book by its cover.

Some of the wealthiest customers my Mom had never dressed like they were wealthy. (Wait, was that a rude statement?) What I mean is she treated everyone the same, whether they were wearing old worn-out clothes or not and it always paid off. If she would've assumed a person wearing old, worn-out clothing didn't have the money to spend and snubbed them, she wouldn't have had as many high paying accounts as she did.

Clara Bow:
That's a doorag baby! Or at least, that's what I was told they're called....

This reminds me of a near-incident at a bar a few weeks ago.

I was with some friends a fairly upscale bar.  We are not the most upscale group, that's for sure, and one guy totally looks tough - shaved head, tattoo on his skull, leather jacket, jeans, plus he's quite big and strong.

A woman walked by my tough-guy friend and somehow managed to trail her long, fluffy hair (she had HUGE hair) onto my friend's chicken satay stick.  He made a joke about it, and she turned around and said "I could buy you five times over" or something like that.  My friend said, "Congratulations, but next time could you keep your hair out of my food?"  Not in a mean way or anything, just sort of friendly but firm.

Ms. Big Hair went over to her husband and his friends and complained about my friend.  Big Hair's husband and friend, dressed in swanky suits, total corporate types, came over and started hassling my friend and saying stuff like " let's take it outside, how dare you insult my lady like that?" and so on.  They were pretty drunk.  My friend stood his ground, neither backing down nor allowing the situation to escalate.  Eventually the suits staggered off back to their table.

Watching the whole thing, I couldn't help think about how the suits were the most poorly behaved, and yet by appearances only, most people would have picked my friend as the instigator.


--- Quote from: Auntie Venom on December 21, 2006, 01:33:33 AM ---That's a doorag baby! Or at least, that's what I was told they're called....

--- End quote ---

Yes, a doorag! That's it!


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