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So I tried fried ice cream at a Japanese place and just about died. It's absolutely the most delicious and fantabulous way to eat ice cream ever.

I have muchly contemplated trying to make it at home now that I've acquired both an ice cream maker and a deep fryer. I have been unable to find a recipe for tempura style ice cream though there are plenty of South American ( ??? ) recipes with corn flakes ( ??? ).

I recently tried the corn flaked fried ice cream. Totally not the same.

So... please please please help meeeee... I need to figure out how this tempura ice cream thing works. Please?

You should be able to get tempura batter from Asian groceries, but it might be pre-salted.  I'm not sure if what you had tasted a bit salty (IMO, it enhances the flavour of vanilla ice cream), but you can make your own by using sifted plain flour mixed with a tiny bit of cornflour (1/2 tsp corn flour to 1 cup flour).

Let the icecream soften a bit, and scoop it into a ball.  Re-freeze the ball for a few hours/overnight so it's really, really hard.

Mix up the tempura batter with COLD water.  This is actually important.  The mixture should be more watery than sludgy and no lumps at all, and be generous with the amount you're making.

Drop the battered balls in the deep fryer until lightly golden.  They will darken a bit more when you take them out and drain them.

Some Chinese restaurants pour brandy over the balls and set it alight.  Some others build a little sugar cone (damp granulated sugar with some water and let it form into lumps) to help the fire keep burning.

I'm pretty sure it wasn't salty...

Wait so all it is is regular flour, corn flour and cold water? No eggs or anything?

Nope, eggs would make it too fluffy...  kind of a pancake-y texture, which is too thick.  I don't know how, but cold water is the trick to good tempura batter.  Even the cornflour is optional.  I suppose you could add one whipped egg white, but it wouldn't be worth the bother.

Oooh, I just remembered one restaurant rolled the battered balls in REALLY finely shredded coconut, which crisped up really quickly.  You could try that if you liked coconut.

Thank you! I don't like coconut but I'm going to try the basic tempura and then experiment. Will report back if anything interesting develops.


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