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Military Care Packages: Part II

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With all the news stories about more troops being sent over, the need will be escalating.  It blows my mind.

Supporters:  How is it going?

My big update:  Two of my groups have been sent home.  The Medevac fliers went home last week and another small group stationed in Afghanistan went home a little before that.  The female Marine from New Jersey hasn't posted back to the site and I didn't get another letter from her.  I know they're not required to write back but since most of them do I am concerned.

Remember the Betty Crocker microwaveable brownies mentioned in the old thread?  I found them in a dollar store in my neighborhood this afternoon and bought 10 of them for the group in Baghdad I send stuff to every other week.

My new office neighborhood had a fabulous dollar store and a Cosmetic Market store with amazing discounts on things like sunblock.  I also just ordered 25 bottles of mint shower gel from Yves Rocher.

If I'm free this weekend, I'll finally have a chance to participate.  (I got called to report for jury duty tomorrow morning, already been postponed...  ::))

I'm thinking about sending small office supplies, like pens and pencils.  We'll see.

Have you found a group to send to?  I haven't sent office supplies yet, but I found some lovely writing paper and envelopes to send to the women in the Baghdad group.

I can have a group from MN tomorrow if you'd like............ Just let me know.  We sent BF about 4 care packages while he was there (2003, initial invasion) and both of us would like to participate.....

**Modified for spelling as it was past my bedtime.  :) **

Just so everyone knows, this is the best site for advice and for finding someone who needs our help:

The site also needs help.  I contributed $50 last month to keep it going.

I have to say that it feels good to know that this is appreciated.  I get notes from Baghdad all the time about the most ordinary stuff... likes Drakes snacks.


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