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Do you like to play party games?

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The 'X-Files' thread on here and a recent experience triggered this thread. A few months ago I attended a party. I liked the party, except for one thing (okay, really two-she was one of those hosts who required no shoes inside the house, but I digress so as not to start that subject up again). She had us play at least three party games, all Biblically-related as all the guests were from our church. Now my Bible knowledge is not up to par with the rest of the guest's knowledge, so I failed miserably at every one of them, and it was really embarrassing and somewhat humiliating since I was the only one who wasn't a Bible expert. And
I felt as if I was at school or work, when all I wanted to do was sit back, relax, and socialize with my friends. But at least she didn't give out prizes, which would of added to the embarrassment and humiliation.

So that is what triggered this thread for discussion amongst us all-do you feel the same way about party games? Do you enjoy playing them, or like me, would you rather not have the party so structured and prefer to just socialize with friends and not have to think or concentrate too hard on anything else?

Note: I am not talking about board games, I am talking about games such as the
one I described above and the usual baby or wedding shower games.

I like it when a board game or video game starts up and people join and leave and generally socialize.  Not when there are structured "party games" like at showers.  As a teen we had a few parties where there were improv games but those weren't pre-planned and no one was required to play.  If you wanted to play you joined a team (for Taboo and things like that) and if not you were either watching or you were hanging out with one of the other groups.  There was always a lot of intermingling and different things to do.

I voted nuetral, but really what I meant is "could go either way".  Most parties I go to there are games going on.  not organised games, but impromptu ones (like flip cup or the celebrity name game) that people can join or leave at will.  At showers (baby or wedding) 1 to 3 games are ok because they are expected, beyond that i get annoyed.
I've never been to a regular party where i was expected to join in a game (everyone else was, etc).  i wouldn't care for that in the least.

Personally I like them, as long as it's either an environment where you know each other and aren't afraid to be a bit silly or they're not focused too heavily on one social circle. Something like "I have never" can be a nightmare if it revolves fully around private jokes.

And I don't htink games should be obligatory. I did a silly thing at one party I had to go with a mix CD. Basically, if a song came froma film you had to wear a Batman or Yoda mask, if the song featured puppets you had to use a sock puppet etc. It was perfect for the group I had, but people were free to ignore it and chat. Actually, my lot got quite competative, but then we are silly and immature at times.

I think it depends ont eh length of the party. If it's only a few hours I'd rather chat to people than play games. If it's longer then some ice breaker things can be fun.

I love board games, card games, etc., at parties, but I despise shower-type games.


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