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Author Topic: thanks to the nice lady who helped me w/ my grandfather....  (Read 1644 times)

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it's getting harder and harder for me to take my grandfather out w/o outside help.

So, this week, grandfather, El Pupus and I went out for fast food.  I wanted to do drive thru to avoid the issue, but grandfather REALLY wanted to go inside.
So we did.

And once it came time to leave, I had a VERY difficult time lifting him to his feet (he has parkinsons/post-polio syndrome--moving between standing and sitting is a challenge).  A nice lady checked with me, then helped play "backup" to me, in case I needed the extra help.

Then, when we got almost to the car, we had a "wardrobe" malfunction, brought on by grandfather's loss of weight.  Someone offered to help steady grandfather while I (as tactfully as possible) re-dressed him.

And then then 2 other peole noticed the delay we had at the edge of the sidewalk (we were debating between the stairs and the ramp...both are difficult in different ways, but the doc said I was NOT allowed to bring his wheelchair, he needed to move w/ just the cane for a few hours) and offered whatever help I needed.

And then someone else stopped traffic for us when we kinda got hung up in the crosswalk.

It was an awful lot of help to accept for jut a field trip for a fast-food burger, but knowing there are people who understand and want to be helpful is so wonderful!

(if only I hadn't lost grandfather's cane at the funeral we attended yesteray...I'm waiting for a phone call back, so he's using his backup cane for the meantime)


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Re: thanks to the nice lady who helped me w/ my grandfather....
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It might be "just a trip to a fast food joint" to you and me but to your grandfather, it was waaay more.

What great people :) Thanks for the smile!