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Clara Bow:
I got lunch at Sahara today (yummmmm) and had the falafel plate. It was fantastic.
Now. I have to admit some personal ignorance here....I have no idea what's in it. It was bright green, I know that much.
I want to make some falafel at home. Does anyone have a good recipe?

depending on where you are from, falafel is made from chickpeas or another type of bean (i don't remeber the name of it) that are soaked over night and then ground, together with onion, fresh parsley and/or coriander, and other spices, and wheat or bread. then you form little balls and fry them. i do't have a recipe, i've never made them - why bother, where i live you can buy it for about 1-2 $. you can look on jewish recipe sites and probably find something.

Chickpeas are called Garbanzo Beans in the US so that might make it easier for searching!

Clara Bow:

Language note:  Chick peas are called "Kichererbsen" in German, which literally means "giggling peas".  Every time I see them, I have to laugh!


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