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Birthday party faux pas?

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I have never heard of doing this.  Has anyone else run into this situation?  I recently had received an invitation to a four year old's birthday party and was surprised to see a registration card to Toy's R Us fall out of the envelope.

Chocolate Cake:
Wow.  That's pretty bad. 

The only thing I can think of is a wishlist for close family if they've asked for it.  When I was a kid I had to make a list for my mom of what I wanted for xmas, birthdays, etc (not that I got everything on the list, or that I only got items on the list - she always phrased it as "ideas for gifts" so that's been drilled into my head for as long as I can remember!).  If someone wasn't sure what to get me, they called mum up and she told them what I was really "into" right then.  You know, she loves ponies but doesn't play with her princess dolls or something along those lines.

I just can't see taking a 4 year old to register for their birthday...  ???  Or, well, anyone really.  My family does amazon wishlists but that's because we have this bad habit of asking the person what they want over and over again because we forget.  In practice it's a list of ideas and mostly it's used as "she's up to X book in this series, so now I know not to get the earlier ones, and oh, she's got Y video game listed so it looks like she doesn't have it yet".  We don't even buy off the lists online - it's just for reference. 

For a four year old you call the parents and ask what he is into, or run your idea past them.

Like another poster, I keep an amazon wish list. I buy books from it once a month. Sis knows I have it and she does use it. I also maintain a gift list for Loren, J, and B. Ideas I get, so when their birthdays come around - I have several ideas saved up.

At first I thought this was a joke.

Hahahahaha some people are nuts.  I do feel sorry for the four year old, though.  The world will seem like a cold, cruel place after his entitled childhood.


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